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Benefits Of Mosquito Misting Systems In Houston

Learn benefits of our mosquito misting systems in Houston. Mosquito Control Experts Gulf Coast Exterminators serve residential & commercial properties.

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Houston Mosquito Misting Systems & Their Benefits

We have over 2 decades of experience performing Mosquito Control for the residents of Houston Texas.

With our experience, we’ll share the benefits of having a Mosquito Misting System installed.

Pest Control Houston Gulf Coast Exterminators 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Pest Control Houston Gulf Coast Exterminators 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our Mosquito Control & Mosquito Misting Systems

For the last 10 years (as of 2016) we have successfully performed reasonably priced HIGHLY EFFECTIVE mosquito control, getting rid of these flying pests on the first try with a 99.78% success rate.

If you’re having mosquito problems, contact us. Whether you’re in a residential or commercial property, we’ll make your environment comfortable again by removing and repelling mosquitos indoor and out.

Houston Zika Virus & DEET

You may be aware of the been recent cases of the Zika Virus in Houston.

With the recent flash flood this virus may spread like wild fire due to the abundance of water making a perfect breeding ground for mosquitos here in Houston. Many are afraid this virus will enter their residences or businesses due to the abundance of mosquitos.

It is due to this fact, that many people are going to the store to buy insect repellents to keep mosquitoes away and perform do-it-yourself mosquito control. Unfortunately these insect repellents can be toxic to the body harming your health.

Prevent zika virus by using our mosquito control services
Prevent zika virus by using our mosquito misting systems Houston services

The common and most toxic ingredient in these insect repellents is known as DEET. Usually it is used without issue, but for some, especially children, it can have dangerous side effects.

We will share a safer and more effective way to prevent mosquitoes from infesting your residence or place of business. This safer solution for Houston residents and businesses is a mosquito misting system, which we are experts in providing here at Pest Control Houston Gulf Coast Exterminators.

Our Mosquito Misting Systems are highly effective at providing Zika Virus Prevention in Houston.

How Mosquito Misting Systems Work

Mosquito misting systems work by evaporating water into the air.

Water is exerted through a high pressure pump with tubing through either a stainless steel or brass mosquito misting nozzles that have a size of about 5 micrometers. This tiny opening creates a mist as water is exerted through it.

These mosquito mist systems have non-hazardous insecticides which mixes with the water to eliminate flying pests such as mosquitoes from your outdoor areas which prevents them from coming inside of your home or business.

These systems are either tank-less or drum based and can even be activated by remote control or be placed on a Timing System to spray the Mist a specific times of the day.

The active ingredient used in mosquito misting systems is called Pyrethrin. Pyrethrin is non-hazardous is safe to be sprayed around adults, young children, babies and pets because it is derived from flowers, specifically the Chrysanthemum.

When we install your mosquito misting system, the tank-less system has the ability for you to change the amount of insecticide that’s being used to spray.

The drum based mosquito misting system is made out of plastic and comes with a waterproof cover.

When the drum based mosquito misting system is activated, it cycles the solution of insecticide and water to ensure even distribution for optimal effectiveness removing mosquitoes and flying pests from your home or residence.

Our Mosquito Control Misting Systems Exterminate Flying Pests

Our mosquito misting systems we install will keep wasps, mosquitoes and other flying pests away from your business or residence.

The movement of these flying pests is prevented by the mist produced. The mist droplets will stick to these pests rendering them unable to fly, in which they will simply fall to the ground.

Outside of taking care of flying pests, our mosquito misting systems will also clear the area of dust, smoke and other pollutants that can fill the air.

Our mosquito misting systems prevent mosquito bites
Our mosquito misting systems prevent mosquito bites

Professional Mosquito Misting Systems Installed In Houston

We here at Gulf Coast Exterminators will professionally install your mosquito misting system to your Houston home or residence.

We are authorized dealers and will install our mosquito control solution quickly and effectively. We also provide mosquito misting system refills and will replenish the system when it is depleted.

When we install our mosquito misting system in your backyard you will enjoy setting it up on a timing system and using your remote control. The ease of use and convenience will allow our mosquito misting system spray nozzles to operate like a sprinkler system cooling down the area in keeping pests and pollutants at bay.

Mosquito Misting Systems For Greenhouses

We install mosquito misting systems in commercial or residential greenhouses to keep your plants cool and healthy as they grow.

When the leaves of plants are misted with our installed systems, it keeps them from respiring and allows starter plants to grow without their leaves shriveling up.

When our mosquito misting systems are installed in greenhouses they are installed on the underside of your Greenhouse roof or on poles that have the nozzles just above your plants.

Having our mosquito misting systems installed in your greenhouse, your plants will grow and thrive in a prime environment.

Cooling Down With Our Mosquito Misting Systems

Having our mosquito misting systems will cool you down as you enjoy the outdoors especially with this summer coming up.

For businesses it keeps your employees happy and comfortable as they work going in and out, especially for restaurants that have patios.

Houston Residences can enjoy the outdoors, especially when it comes time for having some BBQs to keep the flying pests and mosquitoes from invading on your outdoor fun.

Houston Mosquito Misting System Professionals

Pest Control Houston Gulf Coast Exterminators have been installing mosquito misting systems for years successfully to residents and businesses alike.

If you are considering having a mosquito misting system in your home or commercial space contact us right away.

We are Houston’s top mosquito misting systems install company and provide our services to thousands of Houston homes and businesses.

We provide free estimates on repairs and installations of mosquito misting systems. For more information about our mosquito misting systems in Houston and surrounding areas, contact us at (281)-449-7404.

Houston Mosquito Control and Mosquito Misting Systems

Pest Control Houston Gulf Coast Exterminators are an effective, affordable mosquito control company with great reviews on Yelp, Google and Facebook.

Effective, well-experienced, clean-cut, non-smoking, background checked technicians are available to help you control mosquitoes and other insects.

We love successfully serving our customers with mosquito control in over 60 areas in Houston and surrounding areas like Kingwood, Katy, Conroe & The Woodlands.

We look forward to provide the same excellent mosquito control services for you! Call us at (281)-449-7404 or use our contact form.

Mosquito Misting Systems in Houston You Can Count On

At Gulf Coast Exterminators, we have years of experience to count on to install the best pest Mosquito Misting Systems in Houston, Texas!

We have served businesses and residents all over Houston for over 10 years successfully.

We can assure you that our Mosquito Misting Systems will clear your property effectively and at a great rate.

We’re sure to make our Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner happy of how our great service is performed for residents in this great city of Houston where we reside and operate.

Mosquito Misting System Effectiveness

At Gulf Coast Exterminators, we are very effective in exterminating and preventing mosquitoes with our Mosquito Misting Systems, we operate in very high standards from the constant training we receive.

These are the reasons Gulf Coast Exterminators is the Mosquito Misting Systems company of choice in Houston, Texas for over 10 years.

We appreciate your time reading “Mosquito Misting Systems Houston Benefits and our pest control services in Houston and surrounding areas.

Contact us to effectively remove mosquitoes and pests from your place of business or residence. Read more about our Pest Control Houston services.

About Gulf Coast Exterminators

Pest Control Quarterly Maintenance Program

Pests love setting up residence in Houston residences and businesses no matter the season or weather conditions.

To ensure superior protection, we offer our “Quarterly Maintenance Program” to keep pests away from your property all year round.

Our Quarterly Maintenance Program Features:

  • Our licensed, accredited Houston pest control experts will visit your home several times per year and perform preventive pest control.
  • Maintenance treatments are thorough and all-inclusive. We don’t leave until all pests are eradicated!
  • If there is a need, pest control treatments between regular visits are free.

This service plan produces less chemical exposure to the occupants of the home and virtually eliminates the need for you to schedule a service appointment. We can control approximately 95% of your pest problem from the outside of your home. In the long run this is going to be a better value for your money.

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Pest Control Houston company Gulf Coast Exterminators is the industry leader in effective pest control. See what we offer in our video below.

For your safety, all of our exterminators have passed rigorous background and drug checks to ensure not only a great pest control job, but also providing added peace of mind having a stranger on your property.

We’re one of the best pest control companies in Houston, as we attain constant learning and keeping up-to-date on pest control methods, tools, and best practices which we adhere to.

Our methods of getting rid of insects and small rodents by removing, attacking, or setting up barriers is highly effective.

Houston’s Most Trusted Mosquito Misting Systems & Pest Control Company

We reinforce our trustworthiness by performing pre-hiring background checks to include National Wants and Warrants, Texas Criminal History and local Criminal Background checks for the county of residence in addition to a credit check and driving history.

We are just as concerned about these things as you and therefore require a clean history prior to employment with us. This adds trustworthiness of our technicians coming into your home or business.

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We Focus On Customer Service & Effectiveness

Our main goals are to guarantee you’ll be extremely content with the result of our pest control services.

We perform effectively to your satisfaction. We will get to know your pest situation and create an effective solution.

We then set out to do the task to meet your full satisfaction.

We will listen and attend to every one of your worries and address them, as we’re here to help you with your pest and mosquito control.

You need the best pest and mosquito control and we happily help you with that.

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