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We have over 2 decades of experience performing Commercial Pest Control for the businesses of Houston Texas. We love to do a superb job that’s cost-effective no matter the size of your business.

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Commercial Pest Control services have been performed effectively for over two decades by Pest Control Houston Gulf Coast Exterminators

Office Buildings

Gulf Coast Exterminators performs highly effective commercial pest control services for several Commercial Property Management Firms in the Houston area. While Office buildings can present unique challenges at times we have the ability to create individualized treatment programs to meet the needs of even the most discriminating clientele. Whether it’s a preventive treatment or an elimination project, Gulf Coast Exterminators Technicians have the expertise to safely and efficiently service any commercial project in the Houston area.

Our most popular program includes a monthly commercial pest control service to the perimeter of the building. This procedure reduces the possibility of pests entering the building by depleting a pest population on the outside. Gulf Coast Exterminators uses the best application methods at our disposal to treat your facility on the outside thus reducing the exposure to the occupants of your buildings. In addition to the perimeter treatment our Service Technicians will conduct inspections on the common areas and make spot applications should they determine a need. Typical areas of treatment on the interior will include planter boxes, planter pots, restrooms, mechanical rooms, elevators and atriums. When your tenants have a pest problem we understand the importance of customer service and we understand that we represent you during our visit. Our Service Technicians are well trained in handling any pest problem your client may experience.

Rodent Control is an important aspect of any pest control service program for Office Buildings and we pride ourselves in our ability to control rodent problems. There is no magic bullet for an effective Rodent Control Project. It takes a coordinated effort by us and the property owner/manager. We’ll give you the do’s and don’ts for your property and then we’ll design an effective treatment and monitoring plan to keep you rodent free.

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Pest Control Houston Gulf Coast Exterminators 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Pest Control Houston Gulf Coast Exterminators 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our Commercial Pest Control Houston Service

Private Schools/Day Care

Gulf Coast Exterminators enjoys the challenges presented when servicing Private Schools and Day Care Facilities. We have over 20 years of experience handling schools and day cares in the Houston area. When most Pest Control Operators run away or charge outrageous fees to service these types of accounts we rise to the challenge. Whether it’s a German Roach outbreak in the cafeteria kitchen or fleas (Flea control services) in a class room we have the tools and experience to handle the situation. It’s only happened to us once but a few years back a small private school set us a student zoo in the science lab. Wouldn’t you know it but one of the student brought in a pair of Guinea Pigs and they both had fleas. Needless to say it only took a few days until the science teacher discovered the source of his itching. Yes we ended up performing a service for his personal property as well.

The State of Texas implemented requirements called “IPM in Schools” several years ago and we are well versed in compliance with these regulations. While “IPM in Schools” is a requirement for all Texas School Districts we employ IPM techniques (Integrated Pest Management) on all Gulf Coast Exterminators accounts. Not all pest control operators subscribe to IPM techniques and therefore tend to walk away from sensitive accounts such as Private Schools and Day Care Facilities. Our Service Technicians are well versed in Integrated Pest Management and welcome your call. learn more about our Day Care Pest Control.

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We take great pride in our ability to solve any problem your restaurant may experience with our restaurant pest control in Houston and surrounding areas. We know what happens and we know how to fix it if you you’re willing to work with us. Education is one of the most important things we offer and it’s free. Restaurants and bars are highly susceptible to a couple of pest infestations. German Roach infestations are usually caused by what we call “introduction”. They can and usually are introduced onto a property through your vendors. We’ve seen them come in with the soda syrup boxes or they may come in with other food items including produce. Another form of “introduction” is funny until it happens to you and that’s via the kitchen help. We know how it sounds but we’ve seen it more than once where the source was actually a radio being brought in by the dishwasher. The poor fellow had a severe infestation at home and was inadvertently bringing new roaches in each night with his radio. True Story! The bottom line is that while we haven’t seen it all we’ve seen enough to solve the most difficult pest problems.

We don’t discriminate when it come to the type food and beverage property you own/manage. We service some of Houston’s premier white table cloth restaurants on the same nights that we service some of the best known fast food/burger joints. It’s always disappointing to us when we go out to eat and the phorid flies outnumber the patrons. They’re often mistaken as Fruit Flies but they live in the scum lining the floor drains. We take our jobs seriously and as such we won’t go back to those places unless it’s to drop off a business card. If you don’t know what Phorid Flies are and think you have Fruit Flies then we probably need to talk.

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Just Remember This:

“It’s not a sin to have a pest problem, it’s a sin to have a pest problem and not do something about it!” – Sam “Beau” Sanford, President – Gulf Coast Exterminators


Gulf Coast Exterminators offers several options for the Hotel Industry. We regularly performs pest control services traditional Hotels and Extended Stay Motels in the Houston area. This business segment was really simple until the early 2000’s and then came the dreaded “Bed Bugs”(Bed Bug Treatment services). While most pest control operators either don’t/won’t perform Bed Bug control services, we welcome the challenge. Over the last 10 years we’ve perfected our skills when it comes to Bed Bug extermination. We use a cocktail of pesticide and IGR (Insect Growth Regulators) to kill the existing population and prevent further reproduction.

Of course we tackle the other usual suspects such as roaches, ants (Ant Control Services) and rodent but the biggest challenge for a Hotelier these days is to make sure the facility remains Bed Bug Free. It only takes that one review or blog post to kill your reputation and we’ll work with you to limit your exposure. For Hotels we typically perform a monthly service with predetermined floors or rooms scheduled each month. Problem spots are addressed during these monthly stops but emergency calls can easily be scheduled as well. If you have a larger property with kitchen facilities we’ll treat that as a standalone restaurant. Regardless of your size and scope, Gulf Coast Exterminators stands ready to handle all of your pest control/exterminators needs.

There are no magic bullets for an effective Pest Rodent Control Program. It takes a coordinated effort between you and us to wage war on the different pests commonly found on a Hotel Property. Give us a call and we’ll explain the do’s and don’ts for your property and then we’ll design an effective treatment and monitoring program just for you.


Gulf Coast Exterminators is proud of the fact that we have been chosen to handle a wide variety of medical facilities in the Houston area. Regardless of the size or type medical facility you can be assured we have the expertise and discretion to handle your medical facility professionally, affordably and with discretion. It really doesn’t matter the type of medical facility you want service for we can handle it. Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, 24 Hour Clinics, Hospitals and even Veterinary Clinics have chosen Gulf Coast Exterminators to provide low to no odor service. Some choose after hour service while others prefer to have service performed during regular clinic hours. Each facility is unique and as such we’ll tailor a program to fit your needs. Give us a call to schedule a review so we can determine the best program for your facility.


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Gulf Coast Exterminators performs limited services for apartment complexes in the Houston area. We perform animal trapping/removal of wild animals including raccoons (Raccoon Removal services), possums and we’re very effective at Bat Exclusions. We are one of the few companies still doing reasonably priced Honey Bee (Honey Bee Removal services) Cut-Outs. We can and will service properties for Bed Bug extermination or German Roach control but only if we can service the entire building affected by the Bed Bugs or German Roaches. Anything less than a service for the entire building will leave you disappointed in the results. Since we know some of our competitors will perform these services on an individual unit basis we would rather have you be disappointed in them than in us.

Give us a call and we’ll discuss ways to help you get back to managing your property instead of taking complaint calls from your tenants about pests.

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Realtors/Property Managers

Gulf Coast Exterminators enjoys a special relationship with many of the real estate offices and property management firms in the Houston area. We offer a wide variety of specialized services to Realtors including Termite Inspections, WDI Reports (Wood Destroying Insect Reports), recurring pest control services for managed property and one time services when the need arises. Realtors have a special responsibility to buyers and sellers and we help support them in driving a critical service for our area. Realtors sometimes need services performed with little or no notice. While we can’t always guarantee our availability, we rarely disappoint when it comes to our response time.

As a Realtor you may have a property listed for sale and discover a significant pest infestation or you may simply want the property to show well and sell quickly. Nothing is worse than having a prospective buyer walk away because the property had an infestation of ants or roaches. Many of our Realtors manage rental properties and some manage their own properties. We can offer you a plan where the pest control maintenance is included in the monthly rental price or we can offer a pre-lease service plan. Give us a call and let’s discuss your pest control service needs.

Commercial Property Managers are vital to the Houston business community. We understand the many hats you have to wear. We also know that pest control is one of the smallest line items in your budget but it can ruin your relationship between you and a tenant if it isn’t handled correctly. We handle everything from small strip centers with one tenant to high rise office buildings. Regardless of the building size and complexity we have the expertise to make your day a little less stressful.

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Gulf Coast Exterminators Provides The Best Houston Pest Control For Over 24 Years.

Pest Control Houston company Gulf Coast Exterminators serves over 60 areas and provides affordable, effective service with flexible scheduling, warranties and quarterly programs.

Gulf Coast Exterminators is locally owned and operated in Houston since 1991 by Sam Sanford who is the former president of the Greater Houston Pest Control Association.

Sam, Owner of Pest Control Houston Company Gulf Coast Exterminators.

He served the Greater Houston Pest Control Association since 1991 with leadership positions such as Secretary (2011), Treasurer (2012) and Vice President (2013). We are a part of these pest control organizations: Building Owners and Managers Association International, Texas Professional Real Estate Inspectors Association and the National Pest Management Association.

We have insured, bonded, background checked clean-cut technicians who are well versed in customer service and experienced in all forms of pest control. Each member of our staff is licensed and regulated by the Texas Department of Agriculture Structural Pest Control service. Our Pest Control technicians constantly receive ongoing and extensive training with a combination of monthly in-house training as well as semi-annual third-party training to remain proficient in the latest and most efficient Pest Control techniques available.

Our popular pest control services in Houston are termite control, termite inspection, bed bug treatment, flea control and rodent control. We serve over 60 service areas in Houston for pest control, most popular are Conroe Pest Control, Kingwood Pest Control, Pest Control Sugar Land & Pest Control Katy TX.

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