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Houston Flea Control Experts Get Rid of Fleas in Homes

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The Signifigance of Getting Rid of Fleas

Fleas in all places, especially here in Houston, TX are a huge problem that can be embarrassing. Why embarrassing? Because its assumed if you have fleas, you keep a dirty house or don’t look after your pets, which is not the case.

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Fleas are horrible in that they are not just pests, they spread disease. Fleas can make your life very miserable.

If you don’t get rid of fleas in homes, your home will become very uncomfortable and unsafe to live in. Houston Flea Control Experts Gulf Coast Exterminators has an effective process that eliminates fleas effectively and quickly from your home.

Our Houston flea control service helps customers as fast and painless as possible. We give information on how to get ready for our flea treatment services.

With this information, our flea control technicians can promptly arrive for your flea inspection and treat the flea infestation effectively in your home.

Fleas In Homes, Not Just From Pets

People with pets are not the only ones with flea problems. Your landscape’s condition can bring along fleas to survive in areas without pets.

Sandy soil, moist sand and dense foliage providing shade are beneficial flea breeding sites. Please beware of areas with wild animals as a large amount of them are flea carriers.

Fleas can also jump from a wandering animal to a new person or pet. Houston Flea Control Experts Gulf Coast Exterminators have technicians who identify flea problems speedily, create effective solutions giving quick results and be less invasive in treatment as humanely possible. We use health conscious and earth friendly flea control solutions that make your treated living environment non-toxic.

Fleas, Health And Your Pet

Pets that roam outdoors should be inspected for fleas on a regular basis, at least weekly. Check this video of a veterinary inspection for fleas. It’s relatively simply if you look closely.

Pets with flea problems that go untreated can experience flea allergy dermatitis, an horrible condition that affects their skin and causes major discomfort. This can also lead to other skin infections. In addition, fleas can transmit tapeworm or plague to your pets. Puppies and kittens may develop anemia from flea bites as well.

Fleas, Health And Humans

Fleas are known to infect humans with many pathogens and diseases. Read a few below:

  • Fleas can cause psychological and emotion problems. This happens when victims feel isolated, embarrassed and agitated from being infested.
  • Some humans are allergic to flea bites. This allergic reaction of fleas may cause persistent itching, dermatitis, skin discoloration and dermatitis.
  • Typhus and plague can be transmitted by fleas.
  • flea bites can cause sores and bring in other infections like staph.
  • Pets, stray animals, and livestock being eaten by fleas can transmit tapeworms to humans.

Houston Flea Control Company Gulf Coast Exterminators, are committed to a healthy approach in reducing pests. We combine customer communication, effectiveness and health conscious treatment to remove fleas.

Flea Prevention For Home, Dogs, Cats & Humans

Fleas can sometimes be prevented from infesting your home.

  • A Houston homes front and back yard should be free of clutter. Moisture should be removed from soil in the shade or soil removed.
  • Garbage cans should be kept a good distance from the house.
  • Regularly checking your dogs and cats for fleas helps from brining them inside. Also applying flea treatment like Front Line Plus or Advantage, is a great start.
  • Bedding and clothing may need to be washed or dry-cleaned weekly. Pet bedding especially, as this area can harbor fleas and their eggs.

Vacuuming weekly in your home helps. Change vacuum bags or containers right away if you even think fleas are caught inside. The proper way to clean the vacuum bags or containers should be done. To do so, place the cup or vacuum bag contents into a plastic bag, tie it up tightly and place it in garbage out of the house.

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Flea Treatment For Home, Dogs, Cats & Humans

Top rated Houston Flea Control Company, Gulf Coast Exterminators, has a process for flea treatment for your home and all inside and out that is effective and easy to follow:

  • We offer a free consultation addressing our flea control strategy for you. We want you to understand everything what we’ll do before we treat your home.
  • We provide flea inspections to assess the your flea problem in your home.
  • Our strategy for Houston flea control is applying Insect Growth Regulators (IGR) in our treatment. This prevents baby fleas from turning into adults and stops the breeding of fleas.
  • If we perform flea control inside and outside your home, we offer a 60 day guarantee.
  • Our flea control is earth friendly and humane.
  • Yard treatment for fleas helps prevent them from infesting your landscape and entering home.
  • We offer a maintenance program that comes with a 90 day warranty. This is highly recommended especially where conditions exist that may cause a re-infestation.

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What Are Houston Fleas?

Houston fleas are bloodsucking insects with the scientific name of Siphonaptera. A flea is about an 16th of an inch in size, yet, they can jump 7 inches high! That is far enough to bite your legs! While crawling up your legs, a flea can find a suitable spot to feed on you or your pets.

If suitable conditions are met, fleas will spend their entire life on your pet. Yes, your dogs or cats can scratch them off, but will jump back on them.

Flea eggs fall off their host after being laid. That is a reason pet beds are commonly the main infestation site. Flea eggs fall off your pet getting in and out of their sleeping area. Fleas also breed on the host organism.

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The Best Flea Control Treatment To Rid Your Home Of Fleas

Without a professional flea control company on your side, taking care of a flea infestation can be nearly hopeless. The reason is because fleas can be in various parts of your home & no matter the steps you take to do it yourself, you can miss all their locations.

Effective results from flea control requires a dedicated approach by Gulf Coast Exterminators with careful attention to preventative measures.

Gulf Coast Exterminators Houston flea control treatment programs include:

1) Initial Flea Control Treatment: We will treat where the fleas are breeding along with surrounding areas to eliminate the flea infestation and hazards they pose.

2) Ongoing Flea Control Warranty: Our flea control professionals will provide a thorough flea control warranty if you let us treat both inside and outside your home. This provides you with added relief and a timeframe that if any more fleas pop up, we will take care of it at no extra cost.

Houston Home Flea Prevention With Maintenance Program

We at Gulf Coast Exterminators believe that a preventative approach is a way to ensure the that flea control problems never happen again. We have an affordable and highly effective maintenance program you should sign up for.

This program has a 90 day warranty where if any problem arises, we take care of it without any additional out of pocket expenses.

Don’t Wait. Eliminate Your Houston Home Flea Infestation ASAP!

As a Houston homeowner, you have other worries without adding flea infestations to the mix. Protect your home and well-being with Gulf Coast Exterminators expert flea control services!

Contact us at (281) 449-7404 to see how we can help you with flea control in Houston.

You can schedule your free, no-obligation pest inspection and find out first-hand what makes us the best flea control company of choice in Houston and surrounding areas.

Houston Flea Control 5 Star Professionals

Gulf Coast Exterminators is the Houston company to call for all your flea control and flea removal needs. With deep knowledge and over 10 years of successful service performing flea control, we have trained and certified technicians that always deliver.

After accessing your situation, we will tell you the steps we will take to get rid of the fleas on your property. It is recommended to use our pest control maintenance program that comes with a 90 day warranty to ensure fleas don’t have a chance to come back.

Flea control in Houston is a passion for us and we are eager to help you.

Flea Control Treatment and Prevention Services in Houston

We are well known for our services as a Houston flea control company. Our experts will offer the best possible approach to rid your property of fleas.

Don’t let the fleas in your home feel comfortable to do as they please. Let us, Gulf Coast Exterminators, the experienced and most effective flea control professionals in Houston, Texas, handle your flea problems.

At the affordable rates we offer, you shouldn’t expose yourself to the possibility of diseases and harm flies bring. Contact us and get the best Houston flea control today!

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At Gulf Coast Exterminators, we are very effective in flea control, we operate in very high standards and we are also cost effective. These are the reasons Gulf Coast Exterminators is the flea control company of choice in Houston, Texas for over 10 years.

We appreciate your time reading about “Steps To Rid Your Home & Pets of Fleas” and our flea control services in Houston and surrounding areas. Contact us to effectively remove fleas from your place of business or residence.

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