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Pest Control Houston Experts Gulf Coast Exterminators is led by owner Sam Sanford, well-experienced pest control Houston expert & proud previous president of the Greater Houston Pest Control Association We’re trustworthy to enter your home or business. All technicians require a thorough clean background check prior to employment with us We … Continue reading Pest Control Houston Experts

HOUSTON – Gulf Coast Exterminators, fly control Houston experts will share why “Houston Fly Control Effectively Prevents Diseases.” Read on for more information, but a bit about us before we begin: Houston Fly control is one of Gulf Coast Exterminators many pest control specialties and expertise. We have offered our fly … Continue reading Houston Fly Control Effectively Prevents Diseases

HOUSTON – Gulf Coast Exterminators, bed bug treatment Houston experts will answer a popular question many of you have asked, “What are the steps for bed bug bites treatment?” The answer is…there generally is no specific treatment, but if allergic reactions occur, there are steps to take. Read on for more … Continue reading Bed Bug Bites Treatment

Houston termite control experts Gulf Coast Exterminators will answer “What are signs of termite activity?” Did you know that termites can completely destroy a home in two years? Unfortunately, by the time the average homeowner figures out they have termites, the damage is already extensive. If you suspect you have a … Continue reading What Are Signs Of Termites? Termite Control Experts Answer

HOUSTON – Gulf Coast Exterminators, termite control Houston experts will answer a popular question many of you have asked, “Do termites bite? The answer is…YES! Read on for more information. A bit about us before we begin: Pest Control Houston Company Gulf Coast Exterminators has great reviews on Yelp and Google … Continue reading Do Termites Bite? Termite Control Houston Experts Answer

Gulf Coast Exterminators are known to fight battles against the worst pests. What we want you to know is that there are some pests that are more dangerous than others. Ticks are one of those dangerous pests. What gives them that classification is that these insects can infect humans and animals … Continue reading Tick Removal: How to Get Rid of Ticks and Avoid Them