Organic Pest Control

*This material is written with structural pest control in mind and does not contemplate agricultural pest control.

Organic pest control is sometimes confused with Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is employed by professional pest control operators because of the economic impact (cost of chemicals) and chemical exposure concerns to the buyer. IPM and Organic Pest Control are not the same and shouldn’t be linked when discussing structural pest control. Not all pest control companies practice IPM as some find it easier to simply spray a problem to death. The pun was intentional! Over the long run a property owner may experience a genetically superior population of insects no longer affected by chemicals.

Gulf Coast Exterminators practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM) on every job. Some jobs however don’t allow for a reduced chemical approach due to the level of infestation, construction or environmental conditions. IPM is another way of saying we attempt to reduce the amount of chemical pesticide used on any given job. We rely on a combination of common-sense practices including sanitation, mechanical devices, baits, barriers, traps and more in our efforts to reduce the chemicals used on a job. IPM makes sense from an economic standpoint both to us and to our client. Whenever we have an opportunity to reduce chemical overhead it lowers the cost of the job saving all of us money.

Gulf Coast Exterminators does not subscribe to organic pest control as a viable means to effectively control the many species of infesting insects and pests in the Houston area. The materials are very expensive and in our opinion simply aren’t effective. Some of the materials marketed as organic, when used according to the label application rates are more toxic than the chemicals available for the same pest.

Most companies promoting organic pest control run the risk of lots of call backs and therefore build in the cost of those return trips. IT’S EXPENSIVE! Just because something is organic doesn’t mean it’s inherently safe! Opium, heroin, and crude oil are all organic but you don’t want your family exposed to these substances! I know what you’re thinking but think logically for a second and you get my point. If you consume enough salt in a single serving it will kill you, but it’s organic.

Gulf Coast Exterminators always considers your safety first and foremost. We never put you, your family or employees at risk. Our objective is to solve your pest control needs safely, efficiently and economically. When the job calls for a chemical application we’ll use a chemical in a safe and efficient method according to the label. “The label is the law” and there are no exceptions. If we can solve your problem using pest specific baits then that’s what we’ll do. If we can use a trap or other mechanical device to eliminate the pest problem on your property then that’s what we’ll do. Sometimes it’s as simple as changing the type of lighting at your home or commercial property.

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He served the Greater Houston Pest Control Association since 1991 with leadership positions such as Secretary (2011), Treasurer (2012) and Vice President (2013). We are a part of these pest control organizations: Building Owners and Managers Association International, Texas Professional Real Estate Inspectors Association and the National Pest Management Association.

We have insured, bonded, background checked clean-cut technicians who are well versed in customer service and experienced in all forms of pest control. Each member of our staff is licensed and regulated by the Texas Department of Agriculture Structural Pest Control service. Our Pest Control technicians constantly receive ongoing and extensive training with a combination of monthly in-house training as well as semi-annual third-party training to remain proficient in the latest and most efficient Pest Control techniques available.

Our popular pest control services in Houston are termite control, termite inspection, bed bug treatment, flea control and rodent control. We serve over 60 service areas in Houston for pest control, most popular are Conroe Pest Control, Kingwood Pest Control, Pest Control Sugar Land & Pest Control Katy TX.

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