There are various small animals that can make themselves a nuisance and prompt a call for animal control. Animal Removal is usually the final goal but every pest requires a different removal technique. We know that rats, mice, raccoons, squirrels, and possums are the source of most pest control calls and we have developed specific strategies for all of them. We want to remove these critters as soon as possible and as humanely as possible.

It is better to remove your animal guests sooner rather than later because they can damage numerous parts of a home or structure. Raccoons can lift and remove roof tiles, squirrels can gnaw openings in exterior siding, possums can destroy heating and air conditioning ducts, and rats can chew the electrical insulation off home wiring. So there is a great incentive to call a qualified pest control company to help you with your animal removal.

Some of the most common small animals that cause homeowners and business owners problems are listed below. Click on the link to read more about that specific animal.