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Animal Trapping

Animal Trapping Services in Houston

Get Affordable and Effective Houston Animal Trapping from Pest Control Houston company Gulf Coast Exterminators. Help is a call away: (281) 449-7404.

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Animal Trapping Pricing

Pricing Disclaimer for our Pest Control & Animal Control Services: Pricing is fair and affordable but cannot be guessed over the phone. A licensed technician will inspect your home or work place before offering pricing or a treatment plan. Call the office to schedule your FREE Inspection and quote.

  • Animal Trapping (raccoons, possums etc.): $225 for the 1st animal (schedule an appointment for additional details)

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Animal Trapping Experts

Animal Trapping in Houston Texas (and surrounding areas) is one of Gulf Coast Exterminators many specialties and expertise.

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Wild Animals are a popular Houston pest Gulf Coast Exterminators gets service calls for. Call us today at (281) 449-7404 and let us help solve your wild animal problem with our successful & affordable Animal Trapping services.

Animal Trapping Quick Facts

  • Trapping animals yourself is dangerous, you will expose yourself to being bitten, clawed and infected by disease.
  • We use humane animal traps to safely trap animals and release them properly.
  • Small animal traps to large animal trapping, we do it all. If there is nuisance wildlife on your property big or small we can handle it.
  • We live trap animals and perform live trapping of raccoons safely and effectively. We are the raccoon removal experts.
  • We trap foxes, raccoons, squirrels and all forms of nuisance wildlife that cause a nuisance to your home or business.
  • Animal traps when not handled correctly can harm you, leave it to the professionals at Gulf Coast Exterminators to help you,

Animal Trapping by Gulf Coast Exterminators is extremely effective and affordable.

Gulf Coast Exterminators uses humane animal traps
Gulf Coast Exterminators uses humane animal traps

Houston Animal Trapping and Raccoon Removal Services

Gulf Coast Exterminators is the one to call for all wild animal trapping and rodent removal needs. Boasting over 10 years of successful service in the wildlife animal trapping and raccoon removal business, we have trained and certified several industrious individuals that always deliver on the job.

The full scope of animal intrusion will be evaluated by a courteous and respectful animal trapping technician. After accessing your situation, they will offer guidelines on how to get rid of the nuisance wild animals on your property.

It is a piece of cake for our professional wildlife control experts.

Gulf Coast Exterminators performs animal trapping on a raccoon
Gulf Coast Exterminators performs animal trapping on a raccoon

The utmost concern of our well trained certified animal trapping and raccoon removal team is the control of animals in a humane manner.

We do so using humane animal traps. Property managers, businesses and homeowners are assured that we offer the highest level of excellence when trapping animals.

We are always happy to aid in solving your wild animal problems. Ranging from tasks as easy as removing bird nests from a roof or as hard as capturing a family of raccoons. Whatever the case, we are available. Contact us for a quote by calling us or using our form.

Humane Animal Trapping

At Gulf Coast Exterminators, our animal trapping technicians concentrate on humane and safe means of using animal traps. With these techniques, we prevent the death of animals we capture. At Gulf Coast Exterminators, we make use of certain methods in order to deliver an effective animal control program while sparing the life of what we capture. We make use of live animal traps that do not harm the wildlife and rodents we capture.

Humane Animal Trapping Video

Dead Animal Removal

We not only perform live animal trapping, we remove dead animals too. Sometimes animals die on your property, especially in attics, and need removal.

Besides odor problems, dead animals in your home or business can cause health problems. Flies and parasites are breeding grounds when an animal dies.

Animal carcasses are food for flies and disease-laden insects and pests, which spread sickness everywhere they land. Houston flies like the Phorid Fly feed and lay eggs on the bodies of dead animals.

It is not pleasant nor safe to remove certain dead animals from your home or business, this is where we step in. Let Gulf Coast Exterminators help remove these dead animals safely and effectively all at a great price.

Gulf Coast Exterminators performs dead animal removal
Gulf Coast Exterminators performs dead animal removal

Nuisance Wildlife and Animal Removal Prevention Services in Houston

We are well known for our complete service as a animal trapping and nuisance wildlife removal company. Our experts will offer the best possible approach to rid your property of all unwanted wild animals such as raccoons, armadillos and other rodents.

Our services cover all of facets of animal removal, including the removal of dead animal carcasses.

It has been observed by us that during summer, the population of wildlife that leaves the nests and dens looking for food becomes higher. Your home or work place could become the next settlement for these nuisance wild animals.

Whenever you notice sounds that are strange coming from any corner of your property or inhale strange odors or even notice that there’s more than the usual population of wild life in the neighborhood, please do not try to capture these wild animals all by yourself for it is very dangerous and should be left to the us, Gulf Coast Exterminators, the experienced and most effective animal trapping professionals in Houston, Texas. At the affordable rates we offer, you shouldn’t expose yourself to the possibility of being bitten or clawed by any wild animal such as disease prone raccoons.

Gulf Coast Exterminators is an accomplished wildlife capture and animal removal company, licensed by the state of Houston to safely and properly remove wildlife. When you have wildlife encounters, we will offer free in-home inspection.

Animal Trapping You Can Count On

At Gulf Coast Exterminators, we have the experience to count on for animal trapping! We have served residents and businesses all over Houston for many years. We can assure you that our animal trapping will meet your requirements to clear your property effectively and at a great rate.

Professional Raccoon Removal Trapping Service in Houston

We are available for all your raccoon removal needs and live animal trapping, so feel free to call on us. We will get rid of those pesky raccoons messing up the pool, or handle any opossum living in the attic.

Are raccoons living in your attic? Contact the local live animal trap experts in Houston.

Raccoon Trapping Video

Animal Trapping in Houston

It is more than just annoying to have wild animals on our property in Houston. These animals could also pose serious threat of property damage as well as health risks.

Without a professional touch, handling a nuisance wild animal can be risky. However, Gulf Coast Exterminators can help eliminate these animals and their threat once and for all.

Our experts ensure that every possible entry point is sealed so they don’t find their way in again. We also offer you the proper tips and tools to prevent future animal intrusions.

Gulf Coast Exterminators live traps a raccoon
Gulf Coast Exterminators live traps a raccoon

Animal problems do not just varnish on their own because all animals want to do is hunt, feed and reproduce. Be sure to give us a call at the first sign of trouble.

Reach out to experts, do not try to handle them on your own. We know how to effectively set up live animal traps to catch rodents.

Reach out to Gulf Coast Exterminators, the Houston, Texas animal removal professionals for over 10 years.

Our experienced animal trapping specialists are well trained to handle all situations involving wild feral animals.

We are a private cooperation owned by a family that has over 40 years combined experience in the field of pest control, animal control and rodent control. We have handled some of the most extreme wildlife and pest situations.

As a reputable brand, we aim at providing high quality services specifically for each of our clients’ individual needs. We offer a free animal control inspection and put in place the most effective tactics to efficiently solve the problem.

Our services range include; capture and removal of raccoons, animal trapping services, animal control, removal of opossums and rodent removal services in Houston. Our animal trapping technicians are extremely quick to come help get rid of rodents in the home or baby raccoons in the attic.

We try our best to be available for everyone.

Are you in need of a professional animal trapper? Gulf Coast Exterminators are professional rodent control and animal trapping service providers in Houston.

Even the most difficult mysteries are not beyond our local animal control specialist. We effectively get rid of mice, rats, raccoons and other rodents everywhere including the attic.

Gulf Coast Exterminators wildlife and pest control technicians offer complete inspection of the attic and roof to locate all entry points and close the holes rats, raccoons and other rodents could use to get in. We also offer live trapping.

Our services help prevent wild animals and rodents from gaining access into your home such as the attic. No more annoying sounds from the ceiling to keep you awake at night.

We assume ownership of the problem and aggressively move to fight even the worst rat, raccoon and rodent problems. After removing the animals from the attic, we will be sure to close all holes and rodent proof the home with our rodent solution.

Rigorous Animal Trapping Standards

At Gulf Coast Exterminators, we perform animal trapping services intended to meet all the rigorous requirements and needs of Houston residents. Please allow our accomplished animal trapping experts to assess and begin on a plan to make your establishment rodent free.

We will tailor your animal trapping routine to uproot any wildlife and rodents you have living on your property, and will proceed with a maintenance plan to keep it that way.

Contact Animal Trapping Houston Experts Gulf Coast Exterminators

At Gulf Coast Exterminators, we are very effective in animal trapping, we operate in very high standards and we are also cost effective. These are the reasons Gulf Coast Exterminators is the animal trapping company of choice in Houston, Texas for over 10 years.

We appreciate your time reading about our Animal Trapping services in Houston and surrounding areas. Contact us to effectively trap animals from your residence or place of business. Read more about our Pest Control services in Houston.

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