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Carpenter Ant Control

Red carpenter ant photo by photographer Katja Schulz.

Carpenter Ant Control Services in Houston

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Carpenter Ant Control Pricing

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  • Carpenter Ants: $145 and up

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Carpenter Ant Control Experts

Carpenter Ant Control in Houston Texas is one of Gulf Coast Exterminators many pest control specialties.

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Carpenter Ants are a popular Houston pest Gulf Coast Exterminators gets service calls for. Call us today at (281) 449-7404 and let us help solve your carpenter ant problem with our successful & affordable Ant Control services.

We are pleased to offer this service successfully for over 10 years and are the leaders in ant control. We have experienced pest control technicians who have served our customers with great reviews.

We have certified expertise in carpenter ant control. all our technicians are certified and have passed background and drug checks to ensure not only a great job removing carpenter ant infestations but also providing you safety.

The best carpenter ant control services requires constantly learning and proper use of pest control products. Our methods are the best with optimal results for our customers in Houston.

Carpenter Ant Control Quick Facts

  • Carpenter ants sometimes get confused as termites, what’s the same between them is they both do wood damage to homes in Houston.
  • Carpenter ant colonies are spread out so if you find one, there could be up to 7 more satellite colonies.
  • It’s best to do post treatment practices on this page after we remove carpenter ants so you don’t create an environment for them again.
  • Do it yourself carpenter ant control is not effective due to satellite colonies and improper use of pesticides (or the wrong kids) can harm your health.
  • Carpenter ant control by Gulf Coast Exterminators is extremely effective and affordable.

Carpenter Ants Video

What Do Carpenter Ants Look Like

Carpenter ants are for the most part wingless. The color of carpenter ants are red and black. Carpenter ant sizes range from 3/16″-1/4.” Carpenter ants have traits that are similar to other types of ants but have a unique behavior. Carpenter ants don’t eat wood like termites do but they  burrow through it for their colonies. They are attracted to moist wood for colony building which causes expensive damage to Houston residents.

Carpenter ant control. photo by photographer Katja Schulz
Red carpenter ant photo

Carpenter Ant Damage

Carpenter ant damage is just as detrimental as termites, speaking of termites we offer termite control services in Houston as well. Carpenter ants build satellite colonies as well, so finding one colony is not enough. That is why you need a professional like Gulf Coast Exterminators to take care of the problem. The damage Carpenter ants can do is ruining the structure of your home, which can make your home fall apart.

Carpenter Ant Colony Video

Carpenter ant infestations can create numerous nests that enter your home through cracks in your structure. Carpenter ants love water as it creates moist wood which is easy to burrow through. Due to this, after treatment we recommend fixing all leaky pipes in addition to sealing your homes cracks and crevices.

How Do You Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants

Some may try to remove carpenter ants themselves and we don’t recommend it as the ants may not be visible to you. We have techniques that can help us find all the colonies on your property.

An example is that carpenter ants build colonies inside your structure where your pesticides you bought may not reach. A person who is not trained trying to use pesticides can be dangerous to their health as well.

Contact Gulf Coast Exterminators whenever carpenter ants are seen. if you’re not sure they are carpenter ants then call us for a pest inspection.

Don’t let carpenter ants run amok in your Houston residence, the damage can get to the point where the costs can be detrimental. Utilize our pest control Houston services to eliminate all carpenter ant problems and control.

More Information on Carpenter Ant Control

Do you notice black and red ants infesting your home? if that’s the case you might have carpenter ants and in need of carpenter ant control.

Many Houston residents confuse carpenter ants as termites.

A close inspection of the ant will reveal unique characteristics of a carpenter ant. Termites have a wide waist, winged termites equally sized wings that total four.

Carpenter ants have a slim waist, the winged variety of carpenter ants have smaller wings in the front than in the back.

Carpenter ant control. Photo by photographer Ingrid Taylar
Carpenter ant infestation photo

Damage Done By Carpenter Ants

Termites eat wood but carpenter ants burrow wood. So though they are not the same how they treat wood they both can do heavy damage.

Carpenter ants also build colonies in structures and can sometimes be more difficult to control.

Carpenter ants most often build colonies outside a building and enter foraging for food.

They colonize in rotting wood, tree stumps and dead trees. Carpenter ants don’t eat wood, they eat living and dead insects.

When carpenter ants enter your Houston home they seek out to eat sweet residue like honey and syrup. They seek out water as well and fat such as grease, so don’t leave greasy food wrappers littered about your home.

Carpenter ant colonies inside structures in Houston are usually embedded in water damaged wood that has been infected by moisture. This moist wood may be damaged by faucet leaks,  wood embedded in soil (desks and porches) or worst yet, wood damaged by termites.

Do It Yourself Carpenter Ant Control

it’s not advisable to perform do it yourself Carpenter ant control yourself. Why is that? Well carpenter ant colonies are difficult to control because their primary colony averages a minimum of eight satellite colonies inhabiting about 3,000 workers.

Carpenter Ant Treatment

Carpenter ants appearing indoors is a good indication there are colonies colonizing within your home in Houston. Carpenter ants can be controlled by the best in the business Gulf Coast Exterminators.

How we successfully perform carpenter ant control is to locate all the colonies.

The best time to check for colonies is early morning or just at nightfall, that is when Carpenter ants are most active.

Here is a trick, putting  syrup on a piece of paper to attract a Carpenter ant scout ant  will help us find where the particular colony it belongs to will go. It will head back to the colony and alert others of food.

This in turn will create a trail and just like that we see their colony. Another way to find colonies is looking for frass which looks like sawdust.

If you locate a carpenter ant colony, do not mess with it, call us immediately. You get close to those ants you will soon find the answer to “do carpenter ants bite” as the answer will be yes!  They have quite a bad and painful bite, just imagine those teeth chew through wood!

Carpenter Ant Control Post Treatment

After we perform Carpenter ant control, to help keep them away follow these tips.

  • Keep firewood in a shed away from moisture and not too close to your home.
  • Do not leave any food wrappers or litter inside your home as it can attract carpenter ants.
  • Keep your surroundings and environments as moisture free as possible.
  • Any sign of a dead tree call a arborist with great reviews. An arborist can safely get rid of dead trees that are close to your Houston home.
  • Rotten wood should be removed from the premises.
  • Bushes, shrubs and tree branches should be maintained as they can touch your home and allow ants a “bridge” to enter your home.
  • Fix all leaks as it brings moisture which brings carpenter ants.
  • Fix all cracks and possible entrances to prevent carpenter ants from entering home.

Carpenter ants can do just as much damage as termites. Due to dangers, it is best not to do it yourself but to call a well reviewed Carpenter ant control company such as us, Gulf Coast Exterminators.