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Flea Control and Flea Removal Pricing

Pricing Disclaimer for our Pest Control & Animal Control Services: Pricing is fair and affordable but cannot be guessed over the phone. A licensed technician will inspect your home or work place before offering pricing or a treatment plan. Call the office to schedule your FREE Inspection and quote.

  • Flea Control and Flea Removal: $159 and up for fleas indoors (there will likely be an extra charge for fleas outside such as lawn).

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Pest Control Houston Company Gulf Coast Exterminators share recent Google Reveiws which are 5-stars

Flea Control and Flea Removal Experts

Flea Control and Flea Removal in Houston Texas (and surrounding areas) is one of Gulf Coast Exterminators many specialties and expertise.

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Fleas are a popular Houston pest Gulf Coast Exterminators gets service calls for. Call us today at (281) 449-7404 and let us help solve your Flea problem with our successful & affordable Flea Control and Flea Removal services.

For the last 10 years (as of 2016) we have successfully performed reasonably priced HIGHLY EFFECTIVE flea control and removal, getting rid of these blood sucking pests on the first try with a 99.99% success rate. If you’re having flea problems, contact us. Whether you’re in a residential or commercial property, we’ll make your environment is comfortable again by removing fleas indoor and out.

Houston Flea Control Technicians with Strict Standards

We’ve strict standards for our flea control technicians to provide you a professional and safe experience.

Our Flea Control professionals are:

  • helpful
  • courteous
  • non-smoking
  • clean shaven
  • professional
  • knowledgeable
  • regularly drug tested
  • background checked for criminal activities
  • have clean driving records (checked annually)
  • continually trained on flea control, pest control and other exterminator services

Fleas & Their Origin

Fleas have been a major pest for humans and pets for centuries. Fortunately new flea control techniques are very effective in our semi-tropical Houston environment.

Fleas belong to the insect order Siphonaptera, which is roughly translated from Latin as a wingless sucker. Fleas feed on the blood of all sorts of warm blooded mammals, including man.

There are over 2,500 species of fleas in the world, with at least 325 species occurring in the U.S.

Ninety five percent are associated with mammals and nearly 6 % with birds. Some of the most common include the Cat Flea (Ctenocephalides felis) and Dog fleas (Ctenophalides canis).

These are cat and dog fleas in name only as cat fleas can feed on dogs and dog fleas can feed on cats and both will feed on humans.
Other indigenous fleas include the Human flea, the Northern Rat Flea, the Sticktight Flea, the European Mouse Flea, Squirrel Fleas and the Oriental Rat Flea (capable of spreading Bubonic plague).


In addition to itching and irritation from their bites, fleas are able to transmit diseases, several of which can be serious such as Cat Scratch Fever, Tularemia (Rabbit Fever), Murine Typhus, and probably the most infamous, Bubonic Plague.

Flea Life Cycle

Fleas have complete metamorphosis (egg, larvae, pupae, adult) and can bite only in the adult stage. They will breed throughout the year, but increased reproduction occurs in the warmer seasons.

There entire life cycle takes about 30 to 75 days with each female capable of laying 200 to 400 eggs.

Video: All About Fleas And Their Life-cycle

Flea larvae (legless, worm-like creatures) feed on the dried blood excreted from the adults (flea dirt) and organic matter occurring where it is located. Once the larvae pupate it quickly seeks out a blood meal for food and reproduction.

Some flea pupae can remain dormant for several weeks or months. Emergence is usually triggered by vibration and carbon dioxide emitted from a potential host.

Flea Control in Houston

Without a professional flea control company on your side, taking care of a flea infestation can be nearly hopeless. The reason is because fleas can be in various parts of your home & no matter the steps you take to do it yourself, you can miss all their locations.

Effective results from flea control requires a dedicated approach by Gulf Coast Exterminators with careful attention to preventative measures.

Gulf Coast Exterminators Houston flea control treatment programs include:

1) Initial Flea Control Treatment: We will treat where the fleas are breeding along with surrounding areas to eliminate the flea infestation and hazards they pose.

2) Ongoing Flea Control Warranty: Our flea control professionals will provide a thorough flea control warranty if you let us treat both inside and outside your home, but warranty is only offered for indoor treatment. This provides you with added relief and a time-frame that if any more fleas pop up, we will take care of it at no extra cost.

Houston Flea Prevention With Maintenance Program

We at Gulf Coast Exterminators believe that a preventative approach is a way to ensure the that flea control problems never happen again. We have an affordable and highly effective maintenance program you should sign up for.

This program has a 90 day warranty where if any problem arises, we take care of it without any additional out of pocket expenses.

Eliminate Your Houston Flea Infestation ASAP!

As a Houston homeowner, you have other worries without adding flea infestations to the mix. Protect your home and well-being with Gulf Coast Exterminators expert flea control services!

Contact us at (281) 449-7404 to see how we can help you with flea control in Houston.

You can schedule your free, no-obligation pest inspection and find out first-hand what makes us the best flea control company of choice in Houston and surrounding areas.

Houston Flea Control 5 Star Professionals

Gulf Coast Exterminators is the Houston company to call for all your flea control and flea removal needs. With deep knowledge and over 10 years of successful service performing flea control, we have trained and certified technicians that always deliver.

After accessing your situation, we will tell you the steps we will take to get rid of the fleas on your property. It is recommended to use our pest control maintenance program that comes with a 90 day warranty to ensure fleas don’t have a chance to come back.

Flea control in Houston is a passion for us and we are eager to help you.

Flea Control Treatment and Prevention Services in Houston

We are well known for our services as a Houston flea control company. Our experts will offer the best possible approach to rid your property of fleas.

Don’t let the fleas in your home feel comfortable to do as they please. Let us, Gulf Coast Exterminators, the experienced and most effective flea control professionals in Houston, Texas, handle your flea problems.

At the affordable rates we offer, you shouldn’t expose yourself to the possibility of diseases and harm flies bring. Contact us and get the best Houston flea control today!

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At Gulf Coast Exterminators, we are very effective in flea control, we operate in very high standards and we are also cost effective. These are the reasons Gulf Coast Exterminators is the flea control company of choice in Houston, Texas for over 10 years.

We have experienced flea control technicians who have a wealth of knowledge and experience who have served our customers with great reviews on Yelp and other websites. We have certified expertise in treatment for flea control.

All our technicians are certified and have passed background and drug checks to ensure not only a great job in flea removal but also providing you added safety. The best treatment of flea control requires constant learning of effective methods with implementation, and we adhere to that making us the best.

Our flea removal methods are the best in the industry with optimal results for our customers in Houston.

Contact us at (281) 449-7404 to see how we can help you with flea control in Houston.

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