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Honey Bee Removal Pricing

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  • Honey Bee Removal: $225 and up.

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Honey Bee Removal Experts

Honey Bee Removal in Houston Texas (and surrounding areas) is one of Gulf Coast Exterminators many specialties and expertise.

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Flies are a popular Houston pest Gulf Coast Exterminators gets service calls for. Call us today at (281) 449-7404 and let us help solve your Fly problem with our successful & affordable Honey Bee Removal services.

Houston Honey Bee Removal is one of Gulf Coast Exterminators many Pest Control specialties and expertise. We are pleased to offer this service successfully for over 10 years in Houston.

We have experienced Honey Bee Removal technicians who have a wealth of knowledge and experience who has served our customers with great reviews on Google. We have certified expertise in how to keep flies away and know all about how to remove fly infestations.

All our technicians are certified and have passed background and drug checks to ensure not only a great job in Honey Bee Removal but also providing you added safety. The best Honey Bee Removal services require constant learning of effective methods with implementation, and we adhere to that making us the best.

Our methods are the best in the industry with optimal results for our customers in Houston.

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Honey Bee Quick Facts

  • Honey bees fly at speeds of 15 miles per hour.
  • Male honey bees, known as Drones, die immediately after mating.
  • The honey Bee communicates in a unique complex symbolic language.
  • Honey Bee Stings cause hundreds of deaths a year in Houston.
  • A honey bee worker makes one-twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in a lifetime.
  • Honey Bee colonies contain around 60,000 bees!
Honey Bee Swarm in Houston Texas
Gulf Coast Exterminators taking care of a Honey Bee swarm in Houston Texas

Honey Bees Video

Gulf Coast Exterminators performs honey bee removal in a safe and secure manner, so as to maintain protection for both the bees and us. Lives are endangered when bee issues arise in your residence or business, and with it comes an interference with your day to day life.

Dangers of Honey Bees

If someone is stung and has an allergy to a bee, the impact may be so severe that a visit to the hospital becomes necessary. In addition, a person’s allergy can become worse after being subjected to bites consistently.

Honey Bee Swarm in Houston Texas
Gulf Coast Exterminators taking care of a Honey Bee swarm in Houston Texas

Where young children and the old are concerned, numerous bites can be particularly very hazardous. However, stings from bees are painful, even in the absence of an unpleasant response.

Allow Gulf Coast Exterminators to deal with the issue effectively and affordably. This ensures bee stings do not present a risk to your place of business or residence.

Do-It-Yourself Honey Bee Removal

Using Do-It-Yourself methods to eliminate bees can be immensely difficult not to mention hazardous. Many people try to save money and learn how to remove honey bees.

At times, a home owner might utilize chemical sprays from a supply center or hardware store, to try and eliminate pests on their own but that can prove to me ineffective and put you in harm’s way.

Honey Bee Swarm in Houston Texas
Honey Bee swarm close-up in Houston Texas

The reason is that the majority of the bee colony will stay alive in case these sprays are not administered in the appropriate places. Nests that are deeply entrenched in the walls of a house or inside the attic are the hardest nests to manage.

Many times, a homeowner is not even aware of where the real colony is situated as they just see the area the bees are flying to and fro via an opening or hole in the property.

Honey Bee Swarm in Houston Texas
Gulf Coast Exterminators taking care of a Honey Bee swarm in Houston Texas

A lot of care is recommended in case bees are present in any area of your property. An expert Honey Bee exterminator from Gulf Coast Exterminators will be aware of the precise area to spray to effectively get rid of your bee issue once and for all.

Honey Bee Swarm in Houston Texas
Gulf Coast Exterminators taking care of a Honey Bee swarm in Houston Texas

In the compound, bee hives can present a probable difficulty if close to human activity. Some bees are drawn to outside activities where beverages and meals are served becoming a violent nuisance.
If ignored, a lot of Honey Bees do not show aggression. But, some individuals are interested in viewing a nest or accidentally take a hive member by surprise stirring them to attack.

A Honey bee stings to protect itself or nest if irritated.

Honey Bee Swarm in Houston Texas
Gulf Coast Exterminators taking care of a Honey Bee swarm in Houston Texas

Sprays for Honey Bees should be utilized carefully if you try to do it yourself, which we don’t recommend. Some sprays available in the market, bought in stores which are extra caustic can be dangerous to yourself, kids and pets.

An expert Honey Bee technician from Gulf Coast Exterminators is aware of the sprays to utilize which will not be harmful to any close member of your family.

You may practically take hours buying expensive sprays for pest management or trapping gadgets if you try to eliminate perform honey bee swarm removal personally.

You might then use up extra time attempting to kill the bees, in vain, endangering yourself and those around as you do this.

Honey Bee Treatment

Let Gulf Coast Exterminators, professional and effective experts at exterminating Honey Bees handle your Honey Bee issue. Prior to starting to work, our Honey Bee removal exterminators learn and train, absorbing a lot of information on Honey Bees and their removal.

You can save money as well as time by getting in touch with expert bee exterminators Gulf Coast Exterminators. The faster you get in touch our licensed Bee exterminators, the faster normalcy can be restored to your property and livelihood.

Our services for Honey Bee removal extend to industrial, commercial, high rise buildings or any other place Honey Bees might be nesting.

We possess total training in all kinds of bee removal In Houston such as the Africanized honeybee, also known as killer bees in addition to Honey Bees.

Honey Bee Swarm in Houston Texas
Gulf Coast Exterminators taking care of a Honey Bee swarm in Houston Texas

After getting in touch with us, our Honey Bee experts will visit your site, trace the section for bee nesting and solve the Honey Bee issue.

In the course of this period, we will provide responses to any queries you might have and recommend methods of avoiding Honey Bee invasions in the future.

For your total relief and contentment, our services for Honey Bee removal are entirely assured. Gulf Coast Exterminators is a Houston Pest control company specializing in removing honey bees licensed by Texas Department of Agriculture in pest management.

Do Honey Bees Pose a Danger?

Honey Bees are defensive insects which violently protect their area. The insects put up nests inside shrubs, trees and other kinds of landscape elements on your property.

They stay in crawl holes, beneath roof extensions and inside areas outside a home. Honey Bees insert poison which consists of strong histamines and toxins that can lead to the inflammation and irritation of your skin.

If a sting occurs inside the mouth or nose, this is believed to be a medical crisis as the inflammation can lead to breathing difficulties.

Honey Bee Swarm in Houston Texas
Gulf Coast Exterminators taking care of a Honey Bee swarm in Houston Texas

Some individuals go through critical reactions that are deadly. Around 100 individuals lose their lives each year after experiencing an allergic response because of a Honey Bee sting.

The danger of critical wounds and death is higher if there are Africanized Bees (Killer Bees) in the colony.

Honey Bee Swarm Video

Africanized Bees (Killer Bees) bees are especially harmful as they pursue and continuously sting their prey. If you have an allergy to bees, just one sting can lead to a serious response that needs emergency Medical attention.

Don’t Do DIY Bee Removal Procedures

Owners of property in Houston ought not to try to get rid of Honey Bees. If the insects sense danger, they will horde and attack.

Administering a consumer pesticide close to the doorway of an assumed hive might not get rid of each of them.

It is possible that the bee nest is a number of feet in the wall.

Protective wear and guidance is needed to get rid of the insects due to the danger in regard to health which we have experience in.

Enlisting the services of Houston pest control company, Gulf Coast Exterminators is the most efficient method of taking care of a bee invasion.

We possess the skills and tools to trace the bee nest and remove it. Our Honey Bee technicians are able to recognize the bees which are residing in your home and decide the correct technique for bee management.

Get in touch with Gulf Coast Exterminators for help, in case you believe you have a bee invasion. We possess the awareness and expertise needed to form surroundings that are protected from bees and are free from them.

Honey Bee Swarm in Houston Texas
Gulf Coast Exterminators taking care of a Honey Bee swarm in Houston Texas

​General Information about Honey bees

Honeybees, that are set up with combs are encountered often dangling from tree parts or on building features. Honeybees build lovely waxen combs, consisting of many hexagonal cells.

These compartments might consist of pollen, honey, brood and unfortunately, parasites and organisms that cause illness. Honeybees share their activities among three different castes such as drone, worker and queen.

Queens, or gravid females, create eggs and put them inside wax cells. Each of the fertile eggs comes from the queen.

Apparently, Queen bees do not initiate swarming. But, when a swarm leaves without The Queen bee, this normally triggers the bees to either go back to the parent hive or look for her continuously.

We appreciate your time reading about our Honey Bee removal services in Houston and surrounding areas. Contact us to effectively remove honey bees to your residence or place of business.

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