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Cockroach Control and Roach Exterminator Pricing

Pricing Disclaimer for our Pest Control & Animal Control Services: The pricing below is just an estimate of our pricing. There are many factors that affect our pricing such as property size, cleanliness of environment, clutter, water/water features (creeks, lakes, fountains, pools nearby & etc), lawn maintenance, severity of infestation and the species of pest to be controlled.

  • Cockroach Control and Roach Exterminator costs: $135 and up for German roaches and other types.

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Pest Control Houston Company Gulf Coast Exterminators share recent Google Reveiws which are 5-stars

Cockroach Control and Roach Exterminator Experts

Cockroach Control and Roach Exterminator services in Houston Texas (and surrounding areas) is one of Gulf Coast Exterminators many specialties and expertise.

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Cockroaches are a popular Houston pest Gulf Coast Exterminators gets service calls for. Call us today at (281) 449-7404 and let us help solve your Cockroach problem with our successful & affordable Cockroach Control and Roach Exterminator services.

Houston Roach Exterminator Services

With over 20 years of experience, Gulf Coast Exterminators is the expert when it comes to roach and pest extermination.

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Our technicians are trained on the most current and effective methods to safely exterminate roaches found in your home or business. Looking for a roach exterminator in the Houston, Texas area? Contact us today!

If you have roaches in your home or business in Houston, it’s important to call a roach exterminator as soon as possible. Roaches can spread over 30 different kinds of bacteria and are hazardous to both human and pet health. They contaminate food and surfaces, and cause allergies, asthma attacks, and other allergic reactions especially in children and older adults.

With over 20 years of experience, Gulf Coast Exterminators is the expert when it comes to roach and pest extermination. Our technicians are trained on the most current and effective methods to safely exterminate roaches found in your home or business. Looking for a roach exterminator in the Houston, Texas area? Contact us today!

Houston Cockroach Control

German cockroaches are the most common type of cockroach in Houston, but American cockroaches and other similar pests can also find their way into your homes and businesses.

Regardless of the type of cockroach issue that you might have, it is important to take care of these pests as soon as possible.

Cockroaches can get into your home or business in a variety of ways; for example, they can crawl in through pipes and cracks, or they can be brought in by the people or things that you bring inside. Cockroaches can cause a lot of problems once they are inside of your home or business; not only can they ruin your reputation and make you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable, but they can also transmit germs and bacteria that can make you, your family or your customers sick.

Cockroaches can also affect those who have allergies and can trigger asthma attacks.

If you have cockroaches on your property in or around Houston, Texas, it is important to take care of the problem as soon as possible. Getting rid of cockroaches on your own can be next to impossible! Many of the D.I.Y. cockroach products that are sold on the market aren’t truly effective, and there are many places in an average home or commercial building where these pests can hide.

Instead, you need the help of an expert company such as Gulf Coast Exterminators who has the right knowledge, experience and equipment to effectively rid your home or commercial property of these cockroaches.

Gulf Coast Exterminators specialize in helping people in and around Houston to get rid of cockroaches and other pests, and we can provide you with a free pest control quote today.

Roach Exterminator near Me in Houston Texas

Gulf Coast Exterminators offers Houston area roach extermination services in the event your home or business experiences an infestation.

As one of the top roach exterminators in the area, we quickly treat your home or business to eliminate this awful pest. We also offer roach prevention services to help you avoid future roach complications and repeat visits of these pests.

You might be asking yourself, “If I haven’t seen a roach, then why should I hire a professional roach extermination service?” The key to understanding roach prevention is, just because you haven’t seen a cockroach in your home or business in Houston doesn’t mean there aren’t any. On the flip side because roaches are nocturnal, if you have seen a roach…especially in the daytime… it’s even more likely you have a roach infestation on your hands that will require extermination.

Roaches have survived for over 400 million years, thriving in the darkness of warm climates rich with bedding, food and water with which to hatch their 10 – 50 eggs per roach. There are literally thousands of roach species! Each roach species local to Houston has their different habits.

Gulf Coast Exterminators licensed and professional roach exterminators are required to know how to effectively treat them. So despite what you saw your parents do, a simple stomp or toss of your shoe at a roach from atop a kitchen chair, does not constitute an effective method of roach control.

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Cockroach Exterminator in Houston

Gulf Coast Exterminators specialize in the elimination of German Cockroaches in Houston, Texas area.

These cockroaches are common intruders that produce bad odors and disease.
Immediate action is recommended if you have a cockroach infestation!

Cockroaches are disease-carrying pests that cannot be allowed to breed uncontrolled in your business or residence. They are extremely adept at breeding, producing up to 320 eggs in their short life-span.

They can easily transfer E. coli and salmonella from one food source to the next, which is why they pose such a safety risk within kitchens and restaurants, especially detrimental to Houston eateries and restaurants.
Trust the local experts at Gulf Coast Exterminators to handle your cockroach problem before it spirals out of control.

We offer residential and commercial cockroach extermination throughout Houston Texas and surrounding areas.

Getting at the Root Cause for Cockroach Exterminator in Houston

These nocturnal pests seek shelter in your home for food and water. It’s very easy for an infestation to get out of hand very quickly…way before you realize they’re in your home. Specific to the Houston area are the American cockroach, Oriental cockroach, German cockroach, and Turkistan cockroach species.

Fortunately, Gulf Coast Exterminators has the tools and experience to get rid of your roach infestation quickly and effectively.

Trusted Cockroach Exterminator in Houston Texas

Don’t allow cockroaches to set up shop in your home. Call Gulf Coast Exterminators today to rid yourself of your cockroach problem.
We are proudly serving the Houston, Texas area and surrounding cities.

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Roach Control in Houston

Not all cockroaches are created equally, and Gulf Coast Exterminators cockroach removal team specializes in both German Cockroach control and American Cockroach control, as these are the two species most common out of all in the Houston, Texas area.

Roaches are a very common pest in Houston, and a roach infestation can be quite serious. German Cockroaches are most commonly found indoors, making them even more of a threat to your family or customers.

German Cockroaches spread disease, contaminate food, and can cause allergies as well as asthma; especially affecting the very young and the elderly. Generally, these roaches travel looking for food and water. Roaches transfer germs from trash and/or sewage into your Houston living space.

Roaches cause infection by carrying bacteria which can lead to a number of serious illnesses, as well as causing food poisoning by carrying Salmonella and Shigella bacteria.

German cockroaches are most commonly found indoors, which makes them much more likely to spread germs and disease throughout your home. They love to hide in small cracks and crevices, particularly in the kitchen or anywhere that you store food in your home.

German cockroaches are light brown or tan with horizontal stripes, and are quite a bit smaller than the American cockroaches found outdoors. German cockroaches are very cautious and often difficult to spot, so it is important to keep an eye out for their droppings, which look like black pepper and are found around infested areas near walls, under refrigerators and in cabinets among other areas.

One female Roach and her offspring can produce up to 30,000 cockroaches in just one year, meaning your home can be completely infested in just a matter of weeks or months. Gulf Coast Exterminators German cockroach removal professionals can help you get rid of these filthy creatures, but the earlier you contact us, the easier it is for us to remove all types of roaches from your home or business.

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About Cockroaches in Houston

In Houston, five cockroach species are really troublesome to homes and buildings.

They are the German cockroach, American cockroach, Brown-banded cockroach, Oriental cockroach and the Smoky Brown cockroach. Cockroaches are a dreadful nuisance in Houston. These pests can enter our homes in boxes, grocery bags, beverage cartons, furniture and even dried pet foods.

They also enter around slack doors and windows, where electrical lines or water and steam pipes pass through walls, firewood and through sewer lines.
Most cockroaches are nocturnal and appear during daylight only when disturbed or where there is a heavy infestation.

They prefer warm, dark, humid shelters, and often move around the kitchen sink or drain board.
They prefer to rest in cracks around, under or inside cabinets & cupboards; where pipes or electrical wiring pass along or through a wall; behind window or door frames, loose baseboards or molding strips; under tables and chairs; in upholstered furniture; in bathrooms; in radio and TV cabinets; and in motor compartments of refrigerators, washing machines and other appliances.

It is important to know where cockroaches are hiding in your home because these are the locations that must be cleaned and treated.
Not only do roaches feed on human food, they also feed on materials such as leather, wallpaper paste and book binding.

Cockroaches contaminate food with excrement and salivary secretions as well as leaving an unpleasant odor in your environment. Although their role in transmitting diseases to humans is poorly documented, cockroaches also carry disease organisms and their droppings often contribute to asthma and other breathing problems.

Development and Behavior of Cockroaches in Houston

Cockroaches develop by gradual metamorphosis and have three life stages: egg, nymph and adult. Adult females produce small, bean-shaped egg capsules.

The female usually drops the egg capsules or glues them to some surface soon after they are formed. However, the female German cockroach carries the capsule protruding from her body until the eggs are ready to hatch.

Each capsule contains around 40 eggs. Nymphs hatch from the eggs and emerge from the capsules.

The female may produce up to eight egg cases in a lifetime. In favorable conditions, she can produce about 300-400 offspring.

The nymphs resemble adult cockroaches, except that they are smaller and do not have fully developed wings. Their flattened bodies and long, spiny legs enable them to run rapidly and to squeeze into crevices and other dark hiding places.

Other species of cockroach, however, can produce an extremely high number of eggs in a lifetime, but only needs to be impregnated once to be able to lay eggs for the rest of its life. Nymphs molt several times before becoming mature males and females.

The time required to complete the life cycle varies from about 2 months to nearly 3 years depending on the species of cockroach in addition to food and water sources and also environmental conditions.

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Pest Control Houston company Gulf Coast Exterminators serves over 60 areas and provides affordable, effective service with flexible scheduling, warranties and affordable yet effective Pest Control Service Plans (quarterly programs).

Gulf Coast Exterminators is locally owned and operated in Houston since 1991 by Sam Sanford who is the former president of the Greater Houston Pest Control Association.

Sam, Owner of Pest Control Houston Company Gulf Coast Exterminators.

Sam Sanford, owner of Gulf Coast Exterminators

Sam served the Greater Houston Pest Control Association since 1991 with leadership positions such as Secretary (2011), Treasurer (2012), Vice President (2013), President (2014) and Chairman of the Board (2015). We are a part of these pest control organizations: Building Owners and Managers Association International, Texas Professional Real Estate Inspectors Association and the National Pest Management Association.

We have insured, bonded, background checked clean-cut technicians who are well versed in customer service and experienced in all forms of pest control. Each member of our staff is licensed and regulated by the Texas Department of Agriculture Structural Pest Control service. Our Pest Control technicians constantly receive ongoing and extensive training with a combination of monthly in-house training as well as semi-annual third-party training to remain proficient in the latest and most efficient Pest Control techniques available.

Our popular pest control services in Houston are termite control, termite inspection, bed bug treatment, flea control and rodent control. We serve over 60 service areas in Houston for pest control, most popular are Conroe Pest Control, Kingwood Pest Control, Pest Control Sugar Land & Pest Control Katy TX.

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