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Termite Inspection

Termite Inspection Services in Houston

Get an Affordable and Effective Houston Termite Inspection from Pest Control Houston company Gulf Coast Exterminators. Help is a call away: (281) 449-7404.

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Termite Inspection Pricing

Pricing Disclaimer for our Pest Control & Animal Control Services: Pricing is fair and affordable but cannot be guessed over the phone. A licensed technician will inspect your home or work place before offering pricing or a treatment plan. Call the office to schedule your FREE Inspection and quote.

  • Termite Inspection: Requires a technician to inspect and quote at the property. Schedule an appointment for details.

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Termite Inspection Experts

Termite Inspection in Houston Texas (and surrounding areas) is one of Gulf Coast Exterminators many specialties and expertise.

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Termites are a popular Houston pest Gulf Coast Exterminators gets service calls for. Call us today at (281) 449-7404 and let us help solve your Termite problem with our successful Termite Inspection service.

Most homeowners have heard about Termites and the damage they cause but many assume it only happens in old structures. This is simply not true. We’re always a little amused by the shock of discovering Termites or Termite damage after only being in a home for three to four years. We’ve even found Termites in builders Model Homes.

No one is immune!

Termite inspection by Gulf Coast Exterminators is extremely effective and affordable.

In the Houston area it’s important to realize Termites have been living in the soil directly beneath the spot where your home is for hundreds of thousands of years – maybe even millions of years!

The researchers at Texas A&M have determined a termite colony density of approximately 17 colonies per acre for the Houston area. This means it’s not a matter of if you’ll encounter Termites, it’s just a matter of when?

Our technicians at Gulf Coast Exterminators can help put your mind at ease with a quick inspection of the property to determine your current status with regards to Termites or other likely wood destroying insects.

The amount of time required for an inspection will depend on the size and construction of your property but most inspections are completed in about an hour.

Some inspections are completed in as little as 30 to 45 minutes while others may take several hours.

A simple phone call to our office will get you on the schedule and on the way to peace of mind knowing your home is Termite free or in need of some specialized attention.

Our technicians will point out conditions conducive to wood destroying insect infestation and tell you how to make corrections before you sustain significant damage.

In some cases we’ll recommend a preventive treatment with a warranty program including annual monitoring. It’s far cheaper to have a preventive treatment than calling a contractor after years of damage is uncovered!

Call Gulf Coast Exterminators at (281) 449-7404 today for a free Termite Inspection tomorrow.

You’ll sleep better knowing your most valuable investment is safe and secure for the long term.

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