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Argentine Ants

Argentine Ants

Thief Ants

Pest Stats

  • Color: Brown w/ some light brown
  • Legs: 3 pairs
  • Shape: One node segment with pointed peak, uneven thorax and sparse body hairs
  • Size: 1/8th" (3mm)
  • Antennae: Yes, 12 segmented, no club
  • Region: Heavy populations from California across the Southern United States to Coastal Carolina including all of the Greater Houston service area
  • Threat Risk:

NESTING: They prefer moist soil next to or under structures, along sidewalks and occasionally under abandoned boards.

FOODS: They enjoy sweets, syrups, sugars, fruit juices and honey dew.

STRUCTURAL INVASION: Mainly considered to forage inside homes preferring to nest outdoors. They can be troublesome during periods of excess heat, drought or too much rain.

CONTROL: Indoor bait placements with non-repellent sprays and a heavy perimeter spray.

Argentine Ants are a popular Houston pest we get service calls for. Call us today at (281) 449-7404 and let Gulf Coast Exterminators help you with your Argentine Ant problem.

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