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Red Imported Fire Ants

Red Imported Fire Ants

Red Imported Fire Ants

Pest Stats

  • Color: Reddish brown with darker abdomen
  • Legs: 3 pairs
  • Shape: 2 node segments, uneven thorax with no spines
  • Size: 1/16" – 1/4" (2 – 7 mm)
  • Antennae: Yes, 10 segmented, 2 segmented club
  • Region: Southern United States including all greater Houston service area
  • Threat Risk: Stinger present. Stings are painful and will sting repeatedly. Stings cause serious medical, agricultural and property damage.

NESTING: This ant nests in the soil and makes a characteristic earthen mound. They are prevalent in local lawns, pastures, cemeteries, parks, athletic fields and even school grounds. Colonies can reach 500,000 workers and will forage a radius up to 100 yards from the nest. They have been known to nest in homes especially over winter (underneath tubs at the bath trap).

FOODS: This ant is a predator and a scavenger. They will attack and kill other insects, and small animals feeding on the remains. They have been known to feed on honeydew, certain parts of plants and their secretions as well as other sweet materials.

STRUCTURAL INVASION: While they don’t typically nest inside a structure they will forage inside a home especially during tough environmental conditions such as extreme heat & drought or excessive rain.

CONTROL: Excellent control can be achieved in soil with a once a year treatment. If the property has mulched beds it will also need a bait applied in these areas due to the organic matter absorbing the material designed for use in the soil. Nothing is perfect!

Red Imported Fire Ants are a popular Houston pest we get service calls for. Call us today at (281) 449-7404 and let Gulf Coast Exterminators help you with your Red Imported Fire Ant problem.

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