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Thief Ant

Thief Ant

Thief Ants

Pest Stats

  • Color: Pale yellow to dark brown
  • Legs: 3 pairs
  • Shape: 2 node segments, uneven thorax with no spines
  • Size: Very small – 1/16" (2mm)
  • Antennae: Yes, 10 segmented, 2 segmented club
  • Region: All over the United States including all Greater Houston service area
  • Threat Risk: Small stinger may be visible, but rarely used effectively

NESTING: They usually nest outdoors but may nest in the cracks and crevices of walls or cabinets or even beneath/behind kitchen countertops and backsplashes, especially tile. This ant is very persistent and difficult to control. This ant commonly lives within the nest of other ants while feeding on the larvae of its host, thus the name "Thief Ant".

FOODS: Greasy materials such as meats, cheese, bacon, ham and other prepared meats are especially attractive to this species.

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STRUCTURAL INVASION: Because this ant is so small it can go undetected. It has the ability to navigate in the tightest of spaces including under kitchen sinks where they make contact with the countertops. Beware the unobservant homeowner who complains of the flavor of bread or other stored foods, not realizing it has been tainted by these ants.

CONTROL: Indoor bait placements with non-repellent sprays. Control will not be achieved with a one time service. Ask your technician about a maintenance program.

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