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Ever worry about a blind bat flying into your hair? Don’t fret, it’s only a myth. Contrary to popular belief, bats are not blind; they have average vision. Bats have extraordinary senses of smell and hearing. Because they’re nocturnal creatures, they find prey using echolocation, the use of ultra-high frequency sounds for finding direction.

Music of the night

The bat sends out a rhythm of sound from its mouth. The sound bounces off an object, such as a mosquito, and then echoes back to the bat’s ears. Because bats are skilled at sensing things in front of them, they don’t get tangled in people’s hair or land on people with certain colored shirts, opposed to what many believe.

Elusive appeal

There are 11 species of bats in Houston; all are insect eaters. Texas has the highest bat diversity of all the states – 31 bat species out of 47 in the US, and 1100 worldwide.

Bats may be seen at dusk and dawn. Some bats live in colonies, while others are more solitary and settle in trees. They are not hostile creatures and play a valuable role; a single bat can ingest thousands of mosquitoes in just one night!

They’re not just cute

Bats are considered to be high-risk for rabies. However, since the presence of rabies can only be determined in a laboratory never handle a bat with your bare hands!

Hide and seek

As bats lose their natural roosts in caves and trees, sometimes they’re forced to seek shelter in human-made structures. In Houston, a common issue that arises is bats in the attic. They are attracted to small openings and prefer tight places. Bats feel cozy and right at home in your attic which averages over 140 degrees in the summer. This is why bats are mostly found in ventilated areas of the attic; the air outside circulates the air indoors. This ventilation causes a draft and pulls air across their bodies so the stay cool.

Kick colonies to the curb

Because bats are so beneficial to the environment, Texas state and local laws ban the killing of the creatures as an excuse for pest control. Bats must be dealt with very carefully. The only way to deal with a bat colony is through a process called bat exclusion. The Humane Society offers helpful bat elimination tips and other information.

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