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Centipedes are elongated with flat, segmented bodies that contain a pair of legs per segment. The name centipede means “100 legs,” can be misleading. They may have anywhere from 15 to 177 pairs of legs.

Centipedes vary in color and pattern, but most are brown and reddish orange. They range from 4 to 152 mm depending on the species.

They have long, sensitive antennae and small mouths with large, claw-like structures which have a venom gland used to immobilize prey. Most centipedes are nocturnal, carnivorous creatures whose victims typically include spiders, worms and small vertebrates. Venom is not usually life-threatening to humans, though their bites can be painful.

Centipedes are quick and agile despite poor eyesight. They can live up to six years.

They have the ability to travel along walls in addition to floors. Since centipedes feed on insects and other arthropods, removing their food sources is a key step towards controlling these pests.

Identify the other pests inside your home before doing any control. (Although centipedes might help you get rid of insects like roaches and flies, large species can produce painful bites.)

Reduce moisture and seal entry routes to the house or dwelling. Moisture in the building’s foundation can lead to an infestation, as can water accumulated from the roof.

Keep woods, compost, and other organic material away from the perimeter of your establishment.

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