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The flies buzzing around your home or business are not only nuisance pests; they can cause potential harm to your health. These pests are from the order Diptera (from the Greek di=two, and ptera=wings). Because flies only have two wings, they land often and can deposit thousands of bacteria each time.

Fiends for filth

Flies have the ability to transmit diseases to both humans and animals. Did you know that over 100 pathogens are connected to the common house fly? These include, but are not limited to, salmonella, staphylococcus, shigella and e.coli. Diseases caused by some of these pathogens are hepatitis, typhoid fever, cholera and bacillary dysentery.

It’s a fly’s world

Flies are attracted to moist organic material upon which they lay their eggs. Common inside fly breeding grounds include trash cans, rotten foods, dirty diapers, etc. Outside breeding sites may consist of fresh manure, rotting fruits and vegetables and decaying organic materials.

There are more than 16,000 species of flies in North America. Flies often appear in large populations due to their ability to mate effectively and quickly. One pair of flies can produce more than a million offspring. Their life expectancy ranges from eight days to two months, or in some cases, up to one year.

Shoo fly don’t bother me

The first step in successful fly control is to recognize the type of fly problem you are facing. For instance, common species of flies found in Texas include house flies, bottle flies, deer flies, black flies and phorid flies. Proper identification will offer clues on where to look for the source of fly breeding grounds. Sanitation is vital in preventing and eliminating major breeding sites.

You can keep flies out with proper screening, weather-stripping, caulking and other barring practices. Some other tips to reduce the fly population are:

  • Remove excess foliage from around your home/business
  • Eliminate standing water on your property
  • Properly store garbage in sealed containers
  • Keep plants and shrubs trimmed
  • Immediately dispose animal waste

In restaurants, commercial settings and other food-handling establishments, extra actions are necessary. These may consist of using fly light traps, air doors, and insecticides.
No single action manages all fly infestations. Efficient fly control often requires an integrated approach of correct fly classification, looking out for breeding grounds, entry points, sanitation and elimination methods. It also involves the wise use of pesticide applications.

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