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Bottle Flies

Bottle Flies

Bottle Flies

Pest Stats

  • Color: Bottle Flies display a wide range of shiny metallic colors from Blue, Green, Bronze and Black
  • Legs: 3 pairs
  • Shape: Bulky Body with short legs
  • Size: 1/8" – 5/8" (4 – 16mm)
  • Antennae: Yes; 3 Segmented, Short Clubbed with bristles
  • Region: Worldwide distribution
  • Threat Risk: Like the common House Fly, Bottle Flies can transmit any number of harmful viruses and bacteria. Along with Dysentery and Salmonella, Bottle Flies are also transmitters of certain disease among livestock including Paratuberculosis, rabbit haemorrhagic disease and flystrike. They are also known to cause a condition called Myiasis. Myiasis is a condition where the fly maggots infest the organs and tissue of living humans and animals. The most common type of Myiasis is intestinal, gastric, urinary, nasal, ophthalmic & auricular.
  • Wings: 1 Pair fully developed wings w/1 pair of underdeveloped knobs called Halterers that are used for balance (similar to a gyroscope).

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