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Lawn Shrimp

Lawn Shrimp

Lawn Shrimp

Lawn shrimp vary in size from 5 to 20 mm in length. Typically, they’re pale brown, greenish to brownish-black when alive and red in color when they die.

They have a laterally compressed body and lack a hard covering that is common in most crustaceans. They’re abdominal segments are usually fused.

Lawn shrimps have two pairs of antennae, one set is much smaller.

They have small mouthparts that chew and feed off of organic or decaying animal matter. Lawn shrimps are nuisances, but don’t usually pose harmful threats to humans. Lawn shrimps may enter your property if drawn to a light source; they’re also attracted to moist areas after the rain.

If you spot a lawn shrimp in your home, typically they can be easily swept up and discarded of.

  • Place planters and flower pots on racks to prevent hiding spots.
  • Get rid of humid, high-moisture habitats near entry points to your home.
  • Make sure the thresholds of doorways are well sealed.

Lawn Shrimps are a popular Houston pest we get service calls for. Call us today at (281) 449-7404 and let Gulf Coast Exterminators help you with your Lawn Shrimp problem.

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