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North American Millipedes are usually brownish in color and 2.5 to 4 cm long, segmented, and have two pairs of legs per segment.

They live outdoors in damp places.
You may find them in your gardens and flower beds, mulch, piles of dead leaves or grass clippings. Millipedes may also be found under structures like storage sheds and dog houses.

Millipedes flourish in areas where the soil stays moist and consume dead leaves and rotting wood particles.

Millipedes deposit eggs in the soil; most reach sexual maturity within two years. Their lifespan may be five or more years.

Millipedes tend to migrate in the fall.

They have also been seen migrating after a heavy rain has flooded their habitat. It is during these migrations millipedes may invade homes.

When millipedes come to a property, they tend to gather on porches and patios. They will climb a home’s foundation and find entryways through basement doors or windows, crawlspace vents and garage doors.

It is not uncommon to find millipedes in your basement under furniture or boxes of stored items. Millipedes may move into the living space of a home in great numbers.

Typically, a shop-vacuum can be used to remove millipedes from the walls and floors. When the situation gets out of hand, many property owners call for professional help.

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