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Most moths have two pairs of wings which are covered in scales. They vary dramatically in appearance and size depending on the species.

Some are vivid and metallic while others are drab and brown or grey. Most indoor moths have a wingspan smaller than 2 cm and are brownish or reddish in color.

Some moths pollinate while others consume blood. Certain species are threatening to agriculture, while most others have no severe impacts. The Io moth, saddleback caterpillar moth and southern flannel moth are concerning because they have larvae that can sting. Moths are usually a food source for mammals, birds, reptiles, arachnids and insects.

If you find a moth indoors, it may be feeding on stored pantry items or fabrics.

Moth signs depend largely on the species. Some moths leave webbing and cocoons, fabric-eating moths will leave damage to clothing and others will leave pupae on the corners of cabinets, drawers or walls.

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