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Roly Poly

Roly polies, a.k.a. pill bugs, get their name from their tendency of rolling up into a ball when disturbed. Ironically, they’re not actually bugs. Roly polies are land-dwelling crustaceans in the order Isopoda.

They live in areas where there is high moisture; their bodies do not hold water. Because of this, they are active at night and stay hidden from the sun. Roly polies can be found in flowerbed mulch and landscape timbers. Pill bugs also prefer shade under plant pots and trashcans.

These scavengers eat decaying plant and animal material, which can be damaging to young plants. Roly polies don’t bite people or deposit eggs indoors.

They may invade homes through sliding glass doors and other ground-level entry points. To prevent these pests, reduce moisture around the home.

  • Mulch in flowerbeds should not exceed 2 inches in depth.
  • Keep mulch away from your home’s foundation.
  • Flowerpots on racks above ground prevent pill bug hiding spots.
  • Keep firewood stacked and as far away from your house as possible.
  • Crawl space vents should be unblocked to allow for circulation which will prevent dampness.

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