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Red Wasp

Red Wasp

Red Wasp

A Red Wasp is one of many species of a"paper wasp". It makes a paper nest constructed of plant matter mixed with its saliva to make a water resistant brown to grayish paper nest.

The paper nest is constructed for raising offspring. A new nest will start as a single cell but will quickly grow and can reach 8" in a single season. The Red Wasp gets its name from the dark to bright red color of the adults. Red wasps are something we commonly treat as a pest control Houston company.

While Red Wasps provide some benefits to the environment such as pollination and insect control the average property owner doesn’t want them around. Adult Red Wasps can be seen feeding on the nectar of garden blooms and thus may provide some pollination to your garden and shrubs. They can also be beneficial when they prey on other insects in the immediate area such as flies, beetle larvae and various caterpillars. They will carry this prey back to the nest where it becomes food for their young. The reason for control in and around your property is simple. The sting is very painful and may cause anaphylactic shock for some people. The very young and the elderly are most at risk and great care should be taken to ensure their protection.

The Red Wasp is a social wasp with a slender body and 2 pairs of wings. The adult is usually about 1" in length and has a wingspan of approximately 1.5". They have slender bodies and large eyes. The have large mandibles to aid in the chewing. There are 3 pairs of legs (usually black in color) that will dangle below the wasp while in flight. They possess a powerful stinger at the tip of the abdomen.

In the Houston area Red Wasps will generally begin making nests during the early spring (March & April) but this can be greatly influenced by the kind of winter we have. As of this writing I’ve already started to see Red Wasp activity along the wooden fences, under the eaves of homes and in the storage buildings of homes we service.

Don’t wait until you or a loved one gets stung by a red wasp. Call pest control Houston company Gulf Coast Exterminators today and let us put you on a preventive program before the problem gets out of hand. We serve many areas in Houston, for example, if your in Kingwood Texas, we also offer Kingwood pest control.

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Red Wasp Pictures Red Wasp Pictures Red Wasp Pictures Red Wasp Pictures Red Wasp Pictures Red Wasp Pictures Red Wasp Pictures Red Wasp Pictures Red Wasp Pictures

Red Wasps are a popular Houston pest we get service calls for. Call us today at (281) 449-7404 and let Gulf Coast Exterminators help you with your Red Wasps problem.

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