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Thrips are small insects ranging from .5 to 5 mm in length. Some of these pests have fringed wings and may be yellow, orange or amber in color.

They have distinctive asymmetrical mouthparts; one mandible is longer than the other. Their mouthparts may be used to puncture the outside of plants to extract sap, or to remove body fluids from other animals like insects.

Thrips can damage crops by causing blackening of the skin. They may also cause discoloration on fruits and leaves after laying their eggs. Additionally, these pests may spread plant diseases like the tomato spotted wilt virus or the necrotic spot virus.

Thrips feeding habits are known to destroy commercial crops because they reproduce and swarm quickly. This is problematic in agricultural areas. Thrips may also invade homes by way of potted plants. If not managed, thrips may cause flowering plants to lose their ability to produce.

Damage to flower buds, fruits or vegetables along with the sighting of these pests are an indication of their presence. Keep your garden clean since adult thrips can survive over the winter in plant litter. Insecticidal soap, neem and garlic tea spray are some nontoxic control methods.

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