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Houston Raccoon Removal Vital in Preventing Rabies Infection

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The Signifigance of Raccoon Removal to Prevent Rabies

Raccoon removal Houston company Gulf Coast Exterminators will share why it’s essential to contact us to remove potentially rabid raccoons from your property.  Raccoon removal is vital in preventing rabies infections and you should never attempt to remove raccoons on your own.

Houston raccoon for removal
Houston raccoon for removal.

Raccoons can live in almost any environment as long as food is available, which may even be in the form of trash found in people’s garbage cans.  In fact, raccoons actually thrive not only in a rural setting, but in cities and suburbs.

Any location where a food source and shelter can be found is suitable for raccoons.  You may not be aware of it, but raccoons are highly intelligent, which is why they are so adaptable to various environments.

Regardless of where it is, though, you don’t want raccoons sharing space with you, mostly because of the increased risk of rabies.  If these small nocturnal mammals have taken up residence on your property, contacting raccoon removal Houston company Gulf Coast Exterminators is essential.

Don’t be surprised to find raccoons in your attic, chimney, garage, shed, or any location where they have access and can build nests.

How can you be infected with rabies by a raccoon?

Of course there is the obvious way, which is to be bitten by an infected raccoon.  While this is the most common method of rabies being spread to humans by animals, it is also possible for the saliva of an infected raccoon to get into an open wound on a human, although not likely.

It is important to note that if you should be bitten by a raccoon that you suspect has rabies, getting a vaccine immediately after exposure will dramatically increase the success of fighting rabies infection.

Symptoms of rabies in animals and humans

Many people believe that certain animals that are normally nocturnal such as raccoons and skunks only come out in the daylight hours when they have rabies.  The fact is, the most common rabies symptoms in animals include:

  1. Behavioral changes such as aggressiveness, anxiousness, or unnatural friendliness
  2. Extreme viciousness, seizures, and hypersensitivity to light and sound
  3. Nerves that control the throat and head become paralyzed, causing the diseased animal to hypersalivate.  Paralysis progresses, eventually resulting in respiratory failure and death.

In humans, symptoms of rabies may include:

  1. Fever, headache, weakness, and other flu-like symptoms
  2. Itching or prickling sensation or discomfort at the site of the bite
  3. As the disease progresses, anxiety, agitation, confusion, and cerebral dysfunction become evident
  4. Hallucinations, delirium, and insomnia are common as the disease continues to progress

Rabies in humans is almost always fatal once clinical symptoms have set in, according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control).  Essentially, those who have begun exhibiting symptoms of the disease rarely survive.

This is why it is critical to get a rabies shot immediately following possible exposure to the disease.

Can you take care of raccoon removal yourself, or should you call Gulf Coast Exterminators?

Because raccoons infected with rabies are often aggressive or vicious, removing the animal yourself is not recommended.  Raccoons may also carry other diseases including raccoon roundworm and canine distemper; by attempting to trap or catch a raccoon, you put yourself at risk of being attacked or bitten.

Raccoons for removal from yard.
Raccoons for removal from yard. Creative Commons Image: joebeone https://www.flickr.com/photos/joebeone/

This is particularly true when a female raccoon has “kits,” or babies, as like other animals, mothers or “sows” are highly protective of their young.

Choose Raccoon Removal Houston Company Gulf Coast Exterminators

Raccoon removal should be performed by a professional pest removal service such us who specialize in this type of service, and can also remove potentially hazardous scat and feces typically left behind in attics, roofs, contaminated insulation, garages, or any area where raccoons may nest.

If you are a home or business owner with raccoon problems, never try to resolve the situation yourself.  Rabies is a highly dangerous and often fatal disease; have raccoon removal Houston professionals like us here at Gulf Coast Exterminators who specialize in raccoon removal. Let us take care of your raccoon problem.

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