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Signs of Termites – Facts, Information and Help

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Noticing Signs of Termites Reduces Home Destruction

Termites can completely destroy a home in two years.

Termite Video: Signs Of Termites Causing An Infestation

In the video below, you will witness a large sign of termites, a large infestation.

Initial Signs Of Termite Activity

Unfortunately, by the time the average homeowner notices the signs of termites, the damage is already extensive. If you suspect you have a termite infestation, it’s important to get informed as soon as possible, before the damage gets worse.

One of the first signs of termites in your house are lines of dirt or mud around your house. These mud lines are sometimes referred to as ‘mud tubes’ and allow the termites to get from their nest to the wood they eat.

While there are other ways for termites to get in and out of your house, these tubes are a favorite of subterranean termites. If you destroy the lines and they come back, it’s a definite sign of termites.

Termite Movement and Swarms

Not all termites crawl through the ground. In fact, when a group of termites gets too big, they create swarmers, which are flying termites.

These swarmers will come out when it’s wet and warm. You might have noticed them flying around lights and thought nothing of it, because they are often mistaken for other types of flying insects.

However, if you notice large groups of swarmers, you more than likely have a large colony of termites already on your premises.

Termite Video: Termite Swarmers, Known As Flying Termites

In the video below, you will witness a common sign of termites, Swarmers.


Swarmers are termites that leave the nest when there are too many of them in one location and they need to find mates and create their own colony. This is a natural part of a termites’ life cycle and is a sign that they’ve settled in your home.

A sign of termites creating a new colony in your home, is if you notice discarded wings. When termites have found mates and a good supply of wood, they drop their wings and begin building a new colony.

To do this, they need to shed their wings. So, if you notice these wings, you might want to have a professional come check your home.

Termite Video: Signs Of Termites, Termite Mud Tubes

In this video below, you will see that signs of termites are indicated by mud tubes.

Signs of Termites Eating

Termites don’t just eat wood. Their powerful jaws make them the perfect gnawing machines.

They can eat through plaster, wires, and linoleum. If there are termites eating your floors, you’ll notice bubbles in the linoleum or floor boards that seem squeakier than usual.

Of course, these aren’t always a sign of termite infestation, but if you’ve noticed multiple signs and puckering floors, it may be a sign you have termites.

Wood and Signs of Termites

The most obvious signs of termites is destroyed wood. You’ll begin to see holes in your wood and piles of what looks like sawdust around wooden frames.

If you hit the areas that you think are damaged, you’ll hear a hollow sound. If the damage is extreme, when you hit or apply pressure to the area, it might crumble.

When you pull back the wood, you might find the termites eating away or signs they’ve been there, like tunnels and nests.

Termite Video: Termites Devouring Wood

In the video below, you will witness a common sign of termites, which is wood eaten by termites.

Termite Inspection Houston Experts Ready To Help

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