Do Termites Bite? Termite Control Houston Experts Answer

Do Termites Bite? Termite Control Houston Experts Answer

Do Termites Bite?” Gulf Coast Exterminators, Termite Control Houston experts will answer this popular question many of you have asked. The answer is…YES! Read on for more information »

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Yes…Termites CAN bite People

Termites can bite people

Termites can bite people

Termites have a certain type of group in their society known as soldier or king insects. This is the same type of society that ants and bees have. Soldier termites have only one mission in life and that is to provide safety to their colony and the head of everything, the Queen. Their bodies are more compatible for protecting their termite colonies from attack by enemy insects like ants.

Termite Video: Termites Queen

Soldier or king termites normally have a bigger head and strong jaws for biting. Examples of the various kinds of termites in a colony are available to view on this informative page on Termite types.

  • Termites which bite cause a lot of pain. However, you should not be too concerned as mostly, termites do not have a tendency of biting humans or pets.
  • They opt to reside in dark sections of tunnels they dig in wood and utilize their strength in growing their colonies and feed on the cellulose inside wood.
  • Apart from the fact that they have a preference for spending their time hidden in the dark, termites are tiny creatures which are extremely slow. This makes it even harder for them to assault you or your pet.
  • The only instance termites are able to move relatively fast is when they sprout wings at the mature point of their life. They then fly off looking for a new colony.
  • I have previously heard of flying termites biting people; however, this is rare. They might be ants, as ants also grow wings as they develop into maturity.

VIDEO: Termite Information and Facts

Pest Control Houston Gulf Coast Exterminators shares invaluable information on termites in the video below.

How to Handle a Termite Bite

  • If you are bitten by a termite, this may feel very much like a bite from a mosquito or a very tiny pinch. Actually, you may not even feel a thing, unless they bite you on a section of your body which has very thin skin such as the webs linking your fingers.
  • The pain or irritation goes away after some days and you do not actually need to be concerned about contracting a disease or acquiring an infection. This is because there are no incidents which are documented about this occurring to people after getting bitten by termites.
  • A mild burning might be felt as the termites’ mandibles are covered with a kind of saliva which assists to split cellulose. In some people, this saliva might lead to irritation, although most of them claim it only feels like a tiny pinch and the pain does not normally last long.
  • Most probably, you will experience a small red spot which disappears in one day or two. If this spot triggered by termite bite irritates or bothers you, apply hydrocortisone or another kind of anti itching cream.
  • If it persists beyond one day or two, you should consult a doctor as this is not likely to be a termite bite and may come from a kind of insect which is dangerous.

Do Termites with Wings Bite People?

  • The commonest kind of termite which the normal person will come across is a winged termite, also known as termite swarmers. These termites are reproductive termites which often enter via people’s windows just before a thunderstorm.
  • You may also see them departing from a piece of wood on a tree when mowing the lawn or gardening. This kind of termite tends to elicit some concern if you do not comprehend the kind of insect it is.
  • They are normally mistaken for ants and as expected, people fear they might be irritating if they enter the house. But, these termite swarmers normally do not exist for long (less than 24 hours) and their mandibles are NOT as strong as for soldier termites mentioned above.
  • Unless you irritate the termite swarmer, normally they are not harmful. Most people have experienced all types of flying termites settling on them but not one of them led to any danger.

Which kinds of Termites are Likely to Bite or Pinch People?



  • There is a species of termites which is bigger, like the Mastotermes or Formosan which are capable of biting and even drawing some blood. There are possibly other species which I am not well conversant with from different sections of our world which are capable of biting also.
  • In case you are aware of any, kindly inform us in the comments at the bottom. If you suspect that a termite has bitten you, you should confirm and ensure it is not really an ant.
  • Many people mistake ants for termites and termites for ants which is understandable. However, many termites are somehow creamy white in color and move very slowly.

If it’s not a Termite Then What Bit Me?

Other possible culprits are mites, fleas, bedbugs or lice. At times, these small pests can invade your house and remain mainly invisible. However, once they embark on biting you, you will definitely notice! They are a totally different subject, though.

So, is it possible for termites to bite people?

Yes, technically, they are capable of biting humans, animals or other things, if they feel endangered.

Do Termites Usually Bite People?

  • No, it is very rare. Bites people think are from termites are usually mistaking them with other pests.
  • Therefore, the bottom line is, if you encounter pests in your house, you should not be too concerned about them biting you or the pets you have. You should worry more about the destruction they can cause in your home.
  • If you see these small ‘white ants’ inside or at your home’s vicinity, wooden fence, shed, etc, immediately call expert Termite Control Houston company Gulf Coast Exterminators to carry out an inspection and then learn what solutions are available for getting rid of these bugs.
  • Do not give termites free reign as they will eventually cost you thousands of dollars in damage.

Are Termite Bites Dangerous?

Termite bites are not regarded as harmful to either people or animals. The most they can do is inflict a tiny red bump which might feel like a small pinch.

Itching may persist for some days, even though this is uncommon. Normally, termite bites present extremely few signs and are not associated with any illness or toxins.

If the symptoms you have are more extreme, then it is possible that you were bitten by another kind of insect. It would therefore be advisable to consult a doctor to eliminate anything harmful.

What is the Appearance of Termite Bites?

Yes, technically, they are capable of biting humans, animals or other things, if they feel endangered.

Termite bites do not get this bad

Termite bites do not get this bad

Normally, a termite bite only leaves a tiny red bump.

Usually a bite from a termite will just leave a small red bump. The bump might swell in individuals who have sensitive skin, although this is rare.

This skin might itch a bit, although this does not happen often and the bump goes away between one to three days.

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