Mary J.

Flea Problem – No More

We knew we had a flea problem and we were using all different kinds of flea sprays. But they kept coming back and it seemed like we could never get rid of them. We finally called a friend’s referral, Gulf Coast Exterminators. They took care of the problem and they visit every 3 months to keep us flea free. Thanks!

Terrie B.

Good Bug Work!

I am very happy with Gulf Coast Exterminators because they treated my home for fleas and that was the end of the fleas. Plus I have them visiting every three months for the other bugs. Thanks!

Sabrina M.

Flea Exterminators

Recently I called Gulf Coast Exterminators to help with a new flea infestation. They were very helpful with tips and suggestions on how to avoid problems in the future. I am very happy with their service and price.

Francesca T.

Pest Control Company

This company has always given me good service. Never a problem and always very courteious. I reccomend them to anyone who needs pest control in Houston.

Debbi N.

Bee Removal

Wow, I never realized how many honeybees could live inside the siding of my home. When I saw 20 or 30 bees flying around an opening near my outside siding and fireplace I called this company. I was shocked to realize that they had to remove some of the siding to get to the bee’s hive and honey. There were 5 honey combs and they said more than 20,000 bees. Thankfully it is all gone and I can rest again.

Ellan H.

Gulf Coast Exterminators

Very satisfied with the pest control service from this company. I have been using them for over one year and they are always punctual.

Nella K.

Gulf Coast Exterminators

I am happy with the work by Gulf Coast. They are always prompt and very courteous. And I don’t have any bug problems.

Michael H.

Bee Nest

I have a property in north Houston and recently realized that their was a bee hive in the walls. I didn’t want to try this one by myself even though I am a handy man. So I called Gulf Coast Exterminators and they did a great job taking care of the bees and finding the hive. I didn’t get stung once and that was part of the victory. Thanks Gulf Coast.

Nigel S.


I had a couple of possums in the attic and called Gulf Coast to help me with the problem. Jonathan was very informative and he showed me exactly where they were entering. I am now possum-free and very thankful for the expert pest control.

Jeannette C.

Gulf Coast Exterminators

This winter we knew we had some type of animal in our attic so we called Gulf Coast Exterminators because I liked their website. Well, they set up a couple of traps and caught two rats. Then they showed me where they were entering the attic and closed the entrances. Thank you very much for your help.

Lena M.

Pest Control Services

This company is good and they seem to have good people. I had to wait for almost two weeks for a visit. I just thought if they are so busy why don’t they hire more people. Just a suggestion. But the work is good if you are willing to wait.

Cyrus S.

Affordable Pest Control Service

I switched from a national outfit to Gulf Coast Exterminators because of the better pricing. I think the services are basically equal but Gulf Coast doesn’t have a big national advertising budget to support. So I’m saving some money and pleased with their service.

Marcia M.

Good Serviceman

Our serviceman took the time to answer all of our questions and explain the exact application procedures for exterminating the ants and roaches in our home. He also told us what to expect in the coming days and weeks. We are very happy with our pest control service from Gulf Coast.

Charlene C.

Goodbye fleas

With 3 dogs and 4 cats we were losing the flea battle. So we called Gulf Coast and they explained how we can minimize the problem. I feel much more comfortable knowing that they will be visiting every quarter for flea control treatments.

Lynda W.

Roaches are gone

I can not stand roaches and when we moved into our home in the Sugar Land area we called an exterminator immediately. Actually my husband called Gulf Coast Exterminators and they were there that afternoon. I certainly did not expect service that quickly. They took care of the roach control problem and that sold me. Now they visit every quarter and that makes me happy.

Isabella F.

Leave it to the Pros

When I read an internet article that said homeowners were the worse offenders of over-applying poisons and pesticides in the environment I realized I was one of them. That was the day I asked my neighbor for a recommendation and called Gulf Coast Exterminators. Now I don’t have to worry and my home is bug free. Thanks Gulf Coast, you are the best pest control company in Houston.

Gulf Coast Exterminators Provides The Best Houston Pest Control For Over 24 Years.

Pest Control Houston company Gulf Coast Exterminators serves over 60 areas and provides affordable, effective service with flexible scheduling, warranties and quarterly programs.

Gulf Coast Exterminators is locally owned and operated in Houston since 1991 by Sam Sanford who is the former president of the Greater Houston Pest Control Association.

Sam, Owner of Pest Control Houston Company Gulf Coast Exterminators.

He served the Greater Houston Pest Control Association since 1991 with leadership positions such as Secretary (2011), Treasurer (2012) and Vice President (2013). We are a part of these pest control organizations: Building Owners and Managers Association International, Texas Professional Real Estate Inspectors Association and the National Pest Management Association.

We have insured, bonded, background checked clean-cut technicians who are well versed in customer service and experienced in all forms of pest control. Each member of our staff is licensed and regulated by the Texas Department of Agriculture Structural Pest Control service. Our Pest Control technicians constantly receive ongoing and extensive training with a combination of monthly in-house training as well as semi-annual third-party training to remain proficient in the latest and most efficient Pest Control techniques available.

Our popular pest control services in Houston are termite control, termite inspection, bed bug treatment, flea control and rodent control. We serve over 60 service areas in Houston for pest control, most popular are Conroe Pest Control, Kingwood Pest Control, Pest Control Sugar Land & Pest Control Katy TX.

Call us (281) 449-7404 or use our form to contact us for your free pest inspection as well as for service.

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